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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Firmware update for E71 and E71x phone available - Vr 300.21.012 dated July 2nd 2009

A new software update is available for the the E71 and E71x phones.

To update your E71 you need to

  • install Software update application for E71 from here.
  • backup your phone data (very important) and
  • follow the instructions here.

Software update process for E71 and E71x


So what does the upgrade do for you? Some of the highlights are

  • Improved mail for exchange
  • Music Internet Radio added
  • Improved My Nokia application
  • Improved user dialing
  • Inbuilt application for MySpace
  • Inbuilt application for Facebook
  • Inbuilt application for YouTube
  • New theme
  • Improved speed of the phone


These improvements are welcome but some of the improvements that would really help but are not there in the update are

  • the ‘purple tinge’ to the photographs taken by E71 is still there
  • the hiss in the media player is still there

I wish these issues are fixed soon in one of the software updates for E71 and E71x.


Some of the users have been complaining of some issues. Though they are nothing serious but learning from others mistakes is definitely helpful

  • Some people have complained that the older connection settings (for data) are not working. For settings I would suggest to input the settings again rather than importing them from the old backup because there are always issues there.
  • Quite a few people (some on this Nokia Forum) have complained that there GPS is not working now.
  • One of the member is having problems accessing the address book on his phone. This is a known problem and we at E71byNokia have discussed this problem and the solution in detail here.

You can also signup for the automatic email notifications for software updates for your phone here.

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