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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on Tweeter mobile for E71

Continuing my post about Tweeter Mobile from http://e71bynokia.blogspot.com/2009/07/twitter-mobile-download-free-twitter.htmlTwitter mobile logo

Finally I received the confirmation SMS and I was able to download the client for Twitter mobile on my E71.

After I installed the application, I was asked to register my email address and the phone number. The odd thing was that when I tried entering my phone number (in numbers obviously) I was not able enter numbers in the field as I would do typically otherwise (by holding down a number key for a long period of time). I had to change the input method to numbers to get it to work which is fine with me but I do not know if it is convenient for novices. I feel a lot of E71 users would give up here.

After I entered the details and connected the first interface I got blew me away. The interface had a world map which showed where in the world were the latest tweets being added.

Once I logged into my account I was shown my latest tweets in a very nice interface.

From the menu I could access the menu which is a docked at the bottom and like the Mac icon docks. The settings allow me to

  • Update a with a new tweetTwitter mobile client screenshot - a twitter client for S60 phones and E71
  • refresh my screen
  • see my updates
  • go to my home page
  • see my replies (@) (you need the paid version to see the details)
  • see my direct messages (you need the paid version to see the details)
  • see my favorites
  • see my followers
  • see people I’m followingTwitter mobile client screenshot - a twitter client for S60 phones and E71
  • see everyone’s timeline
  • change my twitter mobile settings

amongst other things.


My Verdict on Tweeter mobile is that it is a good free application though it has restrictions like it does not allow you to see direct message, replies, retweet or reply. The advertisements are a damper as well because it seems that it takes time for the application to execute a command. I wish the makers had given a time based trial option to its free users and that would enable the free users to test the application and also give some conversions to the Tricast media as well.

On the whole the application is worth a try and provides a very good alternative to Gravity.

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A new E51 blog round the block

A new E51 blog has been started by Anil Chaudhry who is a proud owner of a E51 for the last 6 months.

I’m sure he has learned a lot about the phone and its use and would be sharing his thoughts regularly on this blog. If you are an owner of E51 follow his blog.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pimped up Nokia E71

GoldStriker – who are 

the world's largest online boutique
for luxurious, precious gold, white gold, Swarovski crystal and diamond edition mobile phones, iPods and rare personal gifts

Pimped up version of E71 by Goldstriker

did introduce the pimped up version of E71 for users. The E71 is pimped up with 24 carat Gold and an exclusive version and is for those who want to own something that no one else has. You have to pay a hefty price for it though – 649 pounds!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Google Maps for your E71 and E71x update

 Google Mobile Maps has been updated majorly with new features and improved existing features.

The new features include

Google maps for E71 feature - Layers Layers: You can add layers to your Google Maps App whereGoogle Mobile Maps on E71 the layers can have different information like routes. This can be fun when you want to track your routes.
Layers can give you the ability to add information over the maps like traffic alerts & incident reports, points of interest with Wikipedia information, and especially cool is your own maps that you've added from your PC.

Some of the older features which are great and have received an update are

latitude on Google maps for E71 Latitude : Learn more about it here.

Google maps for E71 feature - transits Transit & walking directions

Google maps for E71 feature - Street View Street View and

Google maps for E71 feature - Traffic Traffic 

You can download the latest Google Maps by pointing your E71’s browser to m.google.com/maps.

Source: Google Maps on your mobile phone

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E71 vs E63 Comparison of E71 with E63

Since this is a question that gets asked a lot I will straight away dive into the comparison.


E71E71 image

E63 image



Slightly thicker
(1.5 times more depth)

Standard 3.5 mm audio port







3.2 Mega Pixels

2 Mega Pixels




Side buttons for volume or voice recording



Space bar

Long space bar

Small space bar

Flash Lite



HSDPA data




If any one knows about any other difference that I have not pointed out please share it.

Source: Celladdict blog

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Tweeter Mobile | Download Free Twitter Mobile Phone App

Tweeter Mobile is free a mobile application that you can use Twitter mobile logo - Makers of Twitter mobile for E71 and S60 phones Twitter application with. The freeware has ads built into it which can be done away with by buying the pro version. With the free version you do not get features like Direct Messages and @Replies. The paid version is for 2 pounds (UK).
The main features of Tweeter mobile are
  • View public and private timelines
  • Track your friends on Twitter using the Map View.
  • Send direct messages (not in the free version)
  • Receive and send direct replies (not in the free version)
  • Available on nearly all phones
  • Beautiful User Interface
Twitter Mobile application screenshot I have requested for the download for Tweeter Mobile (free version) and I have got the email notification which I clicked on and I’m waiting for the SMS with the link (it has been 30 minutes).
Please post your thoughts on the application if you use it. I will post an update on my thoughts as soon as I get to test the application.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Free themes for E71 and E71x

It has been proven, as I said yesterday, that “pimp my phone” is the most in demand information that users of E71 and e71x phones seek from the queries on Twitter and by studying the analytics of the E71byNokia blog.
There are a lot of themes available for S60 phones. My endeavor while reviewing themes on the e71byNokia blog is going to be to highlight those themes that are customized for E71 and E71x phones. All the themes have been tested by me on my E71 which is an unlocked SIM-free phone. As a proof the screenshots which I share in this post or future theme based posts will be from my phone.
Spring Time by Eric for E71 and E71x
  • Gives the phone a very bright look
  • Simple and Elegant
  • SVG graphics available if you want to customize the theme
  • Two versions available – one with customized icons and another without the customized icons
  • Green (bright) colored theme
Screenshot of Spring Time theme for E71 and E71x

Screenshot of Spring Time theme for E71 and E71x t
Download the Spring Time theme for E71 and E71x
Stylish Water by Nahid

  • A grey background and subdued but classy theme

  • Customized icons version available

  • 4 versions available including for FP2 devices and standard icons
 Screenshot of the Stylish Water Theme for E71 and E71x
Download Stylish Water Theme for E71 and E71x
Prestige Lite (Solace)
One of my favorite theme developers is Tek Seven and Prestige Solace (lite) is the free version of the Prestige Solace Pro theme.

  • Minimalistic theme

  • White color based theme

  • Customized icons including Ovi version

  • 3 versions available for E71 itself
Download the Prestige Solace theme for E71 and E71x
Please let me know whether you liked the themes and if you would like some different themes.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nokia Messaging for E71 and E71x gets an update

 Nokia Messaging has been updated to 9.05.75 for Nokia E71 and E71x. You can download the application from here for your Nokia E71 and E71x phones.

Screenshot of Nokia Messaging on e71

The features that have been added to the application are

  1. Support for Windows Live Hotmail email addresses
  2. Client and service performance improvements
  3. Support for 18 S60 devices in 17 languages
  4. Advanced email server settings configuration on email.nokia.com
  5. Support for HTML-formatted emails

If you have not used Nokia Messaging in the past then there is great tutorial on Mobile Geeks. I will be coming up with my own version of the setup in some days.

As always if you face any problem in using Nokia Messaging on your E71 and E71x then give me a shout.

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Free quality screensavers for your E71 or E71x

From the reports of sales of mobile content (meaning games, applications, themes, wallpaper, tones, etc) it can be clearly established that this is growing market. Another observation which one can make is that people are interested in ‘pimp their phones’ so that they can be unique and stand out in a crowd.

Keeping that in mind I thought I would share animated (flash based) screensavers which can help you customize the look and feel of your E71 or E71x when it is in idle mode. There is a default animation which shows the digital clock while a E71 or E71x is on standby mode.

Here are some screensavers for free download.

Big Fire Clock Screensaver for your E71 and E71xBig Fire Clock Screensaver for E71 and E71x

Download Big Fire Clock Screensaver for your E71 and E71x

Screenshot - Futuristic Screensaver for your E71 and E71x Futuristic Screensaver for your E71 and E71x


Download Futuristic Screensaver for your E71 and E71x

Screenshot Iwappy Screensaver for your E71 and E71x Iwappy Screensaver for your E71 and E71x


Download Iwappy Screensaver for your E71 and E71x

 Screenshot - Pink Lady Screensaver for your E71 and E71xPink Lady Screensaver for your E71 and E71x


Download Pink Lady Screensaver for your E71 and E71x

I hope most of you would find the screensavers fun to use. I wish we could have a way to customize the screensavers (but if wishes were …..)

To install the screensaver the steps to follow are

  1. Unzip the zip file you downloaded
  2. Transfer the contents of the archive to any folder on your E71 or E71x’s phone memory or memory card
  3. Go to menu –> Tools –> Themes –> Power saver –> select animation (if not selected already) –> options –> change –> animation file and search for the swf file you just transferred in the second step.
  4. Change the animation time and light time-out options if you want to and hit back till you reach the home screen.
  5. You are done

If anyone has a problem in installing these wallpapers give me a shout by commenting on this post and I will assist to the best of my abilities.

Also let me know if you would like me to share some more screensavers in the future or not.

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A freeware task manager for your e71 and E71x Jbak TaskMan

 Jbak Taskman is a powerful task manager for your E71, E71x and other S60 phones with lots of options and it is free.

Some of its features arejbak Taskman Screenshot

  • Task list view on long press of the menu button
  • Lists the programs on the phone with ability to search by name or UID
  • List of processes, threads, chunks with quick search
  • One of the greatest feature is the stability of turning off of processes, threads and chunks
  • Create a list of autorun programs
  • Option to shut the phone
  • Uninstall software
  • Free memory status
  • Task switching is easy and stable
  • Power and memory saving options available
  • Remembers the last menu when the application was shutdown jbak Taskman screenshot
  • Customize the menu key
  • Detailed information on tasks running which can be copied to the clipboard

Though there is other software available for similar task management on the phone like Handy Taskman but Jbak Taskman betters those applications and is free.

Download it for free (from the Jbak Taskmanager website)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Updating E71’s firmware to 300.21.01218-062009RM206

I have just finished the update of the firmware of my E71 to
E71 image 300.21.012
(know the firmware version of your E71 or E71x phone by punching in *#0000#)
Everything looks fine right now.

Since it is late – 1:30 AM. I will post the details of the process I used to update the firmware and the details of the results of the update tomorrow.

Over the last one week (or more) I have found it challenging to post regularly on the E71byNokia blog. Keeping that in mind I have thought about some alternatives which will help the readers to remain up to date about happenings in the E71 and E71x arena.

I will share those thoughts with you tomorrow therefore please do come back again in a day or two and provide me your valuable feedback.

Thank you for reading the blog.

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Ovi Suite 2.0 in beta with E71 and E71x – A peek into the future

Ovi Suite 2.0 beta was released in the end of June 2009 from theNokia Ovi Logo famous Nokia Beta Labs. Since the version is beta it is not stable, however, it is fun to use as the PC Suite interface is old and not refreshing. However, syncing is very important for smart phones like E71 and E71x and those are available on Ovi Suite 2.0.

Ovi Suite 2.0 is the future PC Suite as it is supposed to replace PC Suite sometime in the future. Some of the main features of Ovi Suite 2.0 are  
Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 beta screenshot

  • Easy to install specially for newbie's
  • New fresh interface
  • All functions rolled into one. All applications like Nokia Map Loader, Nokia Software Updater, Nokia Photos and Nokia Music are available through one interface with the  standard PC Suite tasks such as PIM sync and connectivity.
  • Functionality of music and photos portion of the software is significantly reduced because they do not have all the options that are there in PC Suite. In days to come this might change.
  • Connects to your online Ovi account to upload the pictures so that you can share them.
  • Contacts and messaging section is more intuitive.
  • The music application focuses on transfer ability and some of the features of the stand alone applications are not available.
    Nokia Ovi Suite screenshot


Before you start playing around with the Beta version of Ovi Suite 2.0 make sure you backup all your information as users have complained about faults in version 2.0. Some of them are

  • Uses a lot of resource (meaning memory and Ram on the PC)
  • Some issues with syncing contacts
  • Failed backups

If you are one of those geeky users who like to go where no one has gone before (respect to you bro) then go ahead and please share feedback on this blog or give feedback to Nokia directly here. I have given it a try on my desktop (the laptop still has PC Suite) and have not had any issues except that it does use a lot of resources and the syncing and backup is very slow when compared to PC Suite.

Since it is Ovi Suite 2.0 is beta I’m sure the full version when it is released will not have most of the problems.

Source -  All About Symbian

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free screensavers for your E71, E71x phones – Pikkoo

Pikkoo, a Finish company has launched a ground breaking servicePikkoo logo  which allows users to create interactive flash screensavers and wallpapers for S60 phones including E71 and E71x which support Flash Lite.

You can browse the creations of the members of Pikkoo here.

The service was launched in May this year and it is pretty easy to use.

  1. Just go to the create screensaver or wallpaper page 
  2. Add the background that you like
  3. Add any clips if needed
  4. Add any widgets (clock, battery and signal strength)
  5. Add any shapes you want
    Pikkoo create page
  6. In the next step add any effects that you want to add to the components of your screensaver or wallpaper.
  7. Each component can be resized, rotated and assigned a different color. In addition you can assign any transparency to each component individually.
  8. Once you are done you hit the preview button and review your creation
  9. If you are satisfied with the result you need to name your creation and assign two tags to it.
  10. In the next step you create a thumbnail of you screensaver or wallpaper which is done by cropping a part of your creation.

You can now download the screensaver as a swf file and use it as a screensaver. Check out my creation on Pikkoo here. Screensaver for E71

Pikkoo has a advanced screensaver manager for your phone which allows you to tweak the settings of the screensavers on your phone in addition to free unlimited screensaver downloads from the Pikkoo website.

Another cool feature that has been launched by Pikkoo recently are screensavers for phones which also have the updated live weather of you city. You can create a live weather based screensaver here.

Services like Pikkoo make phones more interactive and user friendly and it is no wonder that they were declared as a top 5 mobile start up at Mobile2.0 Europe.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Share the applications for E71. Decide where to host the files. Box.net may not be a good idea as they will take it off very fast

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Monday, July 6, 2009

E71 and E71x Firmware update – Full details of all the changes

Recently E71 and E71x’s firmware was updated. The latest version of the firmware is Vr 300.21.012 dated July 2, 2009. I could not get the full details of the changes made in the latest firmware.

E71 photo

Nokia states that Vr 300.21.012 update is a major feature release and also was intended to correct main complaints from Customers and Operators

I’m not going to list all the changes but those ones which I think are important. If you want details on all the changes you can go to the Nokia Addict website to see the whole change log and tweaker website. I have divided the changes into new functionalities (functionalities that were not there in the previous versions) and improvements


  • Myspace, Youtube and Facebook support (NA for HK andfacebook Taiwan variants)  youtube
  • Support for Rapido Yawe 1.15
  • Gimlet 5.2 (v – useful for developers as it allows a better environment.
  • Mail for Exchange 2.9 (new version) with improved stability and performance.


  • Increased robustness of the Home Key functionality. ThisHome key icon for E71 helps avoid the problem of Home key not opening the  menu. This was a problem many users complained about and therefore is a welcome update.
  • Support for receiving more SMSs. Allows more than 4000 messages in inbox.
  • Improved functionality and stability of Internet Radio
  • WLAN functionality improvement.
  • Improved Switch application functionality
  • Internet Radio 1.14 – Increased Functionality and Stability
  • VoIP upgrade – Improved functionality and stability. Now  better quality calls using VOIP on E71
  • Download Client 3.2 – Greater stability and improved functionality
  • Email Setup Wizard Update – Supports Gimlet 50408
  • Support for conference numbers longer than 24 digits
  • Improvements in Browser for seamless YouTube support
  • Bug fixes for the Nokia PC Internet Access Application
  • Improved BT headset connectivity. This was a major complaint of E71 users.
  • Increased robustness in handling SMS
  • Security Updates and vulnerability fixes
  • Phone not suspending packet data connection when receiving call – Fixed
  • Minor audio related bugs fixed. I’m a little confused about music icon for E71this as I did not notice any change. I had hoped that the hiss in the media player tracks would not be there but alas it is still there.
  • Fix to prevent Wifi Certification issues when Wifi alliance moves to Win 2008 as the test server
  • Minor improvements in the UI and search facility of contacts

One this that is queer is that though people have reported improvements in the quality of the photos taken with the E71 after the firmware update there is no mention of that in the changelog. So is it that people are seeing things.?

Let me know if you know of any other major change or update included in the firmware update.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Applications for download for E71 and E71x phones by Nokia

NokiaAddict is one my favorite resources which I use to update myself on Nokia phones.

Gerrymoth has created a list with the downloads for E71, N95 and N96 phones. He has archived all the software into one download which can be found here. It is mentioned that the file would be updated monthly however, it does not seem to be the case as the last update was made in January 2009.

Please note that all the software mentioned is not freeware. Those that are not freeware are trailware (in such cases the software stops working after the period of trial is over which is typically 15 or 30 days).

Some of the software that is featured on the list is

  • Nokia Chat
  • Nokia Maps
  • Nokia Email
  • Nokia Sports Tracker
  • Nokia Internet Radio Player
  • Handy Taskman
  • Handy Calendar
  • Handy Clock
  • Google Mail & Mail by Google
  • Google Maps
  • Scribe (WordPress Client)
  • Mobbler (Last.fm Player & Scrobbler)
  • Y-Browser (File Manager)
  • Skype (BETA)
  • Fring

Check out the list on the NokiaAddict download section and you are sure to find something interesting that you have not used in the past.

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A colorful and minimalistic theme for your E71 and E71x

I’m going to share two of my favorite themes today for E71 and E71x by Nokia phones. All themes that I share on this blog have been tested by me personally.


AcidSonic’s S60 black theme was one of the featured theme on Symbian Freak. The S60 black theme contains icons by AcidSonic.

Highlights of the S60 black theme are
S60 black theme for E71, E71x and S60 phones

  • Dark theme
  • Colorful theme which primarily uses steel grey, green and pink
  • High contrast and colorful icons. The icons that have been used are Acidsonic’s icons which are crisp and modern. The address book and contact book do not follow the theme style and design on the E71
  • S60 logo on the home screen

Screenshot of S60 Black theme for E71, E71x and S60 phones

Download the S60 Black theme from Rapidshare
Download the S60 theme from Box.net
Download the S60 Black theme from Symbian Freak


The Symbian Freak theming community is quite vibrant community. Another theme that I liked is the Sketch by Sauromatum. The highlights of the theme are

Screenshot of Sketch theme for E71, E71x and S60 phones

  • it is a lightweight theme which frees up some more resources for applications on your E71
  • Minimalistic theme with white base
  • Cursive look to the theme
  • icons are made by Blue_Ray
  • Two options are available one with default icons and the other with customized icons

Screenshot of Sketch theme for E71, E71x and S60 phones

Download the Sketch theme with customized icons from RapidShare
Download the Sketch theme with customized icons from Box.net
Download the Sketch theme with customized icons from Symbian Freak
Download the Sketch theme with default icons from Symbian Freak

Let me know what kind of themes would you like to be posted here in the future.

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