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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Google Maps for your E71 and E71x update

 Google Mobile Maps has been updated majorly with new features and improved existing features.

The new features include

Google maps for E71 feature - Layers Layers: You can add layers to your Google Maps App whereGoogle Mobile Maps on E71 the layers can have different information like routes. This can be fun when you want to track your routes.
Layers can give you the ability to add information over the maps like traffic alerts & incident reports, points of interest with Wikipedia information, and especially cool is your own maps that you've added from your PC.

Some of the older features which are great and have received an update are

latitude on Google maps for E71 Latitude : Learn more about it here.

Google maps for E71 feature - transits Transit & walking directions

Google maps for E71 feature - Street View Street View and

Google maps for E71 feature - Traffic Traffic 

You can download the latest Google Maps by pointing your E71’s browser to

Source: Google Maps on your mobile phone

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