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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Nokia E71 died on me

Nokia E71

My Nokia E71 died on me today.

I had this auto restart problem for some days with my Nokia E71. When I used to received a call and while the phone was ringing and before I could pickup the phone the phone would shutdown and restart again. This was not happening with all the calls but I would say it happened to 50% of the calls. It was annoying for me and for people who were trying to calling me.

I concluded that there must be a problem with one of the apps I had installed on the Nokia E71. Therefore I deleted some of the suspicious apps. But no luck the problem continued. Then I decided that I would reformat the Nokia E71 and also update the firmware.

This morning I went for a walk and usually I listen to podcasts while walking. I listened to the latest episode of “No Agenda” (I would recommend this podcast to everyone as a lot of conspiracy theories about all the news). I had charged the phone last night and I was able to listen to the whole podcast (about 90 minutes). In the morning I also made some calls and received calls on my Nokia E71.

I went to the office and realized that my phone had shut down. I thought the battery might have drained and plugged the Nokia E71 to the charger and lo behold the phone restarted! Then I got a call and I answered the phone while plugged into the charger (I know you should not do that but….). After the call the phone died. I plugged the charger again but the Nokia E71 refused to start.

I thought the charger had gone bad and bought a new Nokia charger and plugged the phone to the charger. Again nothing happened. When I press the start button at the top of the phone the backlights do come on but the Nokia E71 does not boot up.

My phone is about 18 months old. I wanted to know

  • if any of you have had similar problems (phone restarts while receiving a call)
  • when the battery had lived its recharge cycles do the backlights switch on?
  • If you have had to replace the battery how long (or charging cycles) did the battery last?

I will keep you posted on the developments.

Once the phone starts working I will hopefully start to post more on the E71 blog.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ovi Store update for Nokia E71 1.05(431)

There is an update for the the Ovi Store application for the Nokia E71. image

I’m not aware about the improvements made but I’m hoping that it would resolve my Facebook application download issue.

If someone knows about the changes made in the Ovi Store application please share.

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Get alerts about traffic cameras on your Nokia E71 with RoadPilot

RoadPilot have launched an application for Nokia E71 (and some other Symbian, Blackberry and Roadmobile_001 Windows mobile phones) which is designed to alert you when you are near a traffic camera. It is called RoadPilot Mobile.

The feature that sets RoadPilot Mobile apart is that it also allows users to alert each other of speed cameras and speed guns. This sounds too good to be true and I wanted to test test the application but could not do so as the application as it is not available in India (but then we do not have many speed cameras in the country anyway).

The good news (for people outside of India) is that RoadPilot Mobile is free till February 28th 2010. It can be downloaded from the Ovi Store and used till that period of time. After that the company plans to provide the application

I would love it if some of you Nokia E71 users can test the application and provide feedback. If this works I’m sure this would spread to the other parts of the world like wildfire.

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How to do a hard reset of Nokia E71

Sometimes, (for example when your phone is too slow), you have to do a hard reset of the phoneReset of Nokia E71 specially if you are like those (and me ;-) who like to test all the applications out there on your Nokia E71. Hard set it of  the phone enables you to remove everything you have installed on your phone and the default factory settings are enabled. It is just like reformatting your computer.


Please back up all the data on your Nokia E71 and the memory card before resetting the phone (if you do not know how to back up your personal data on the Nokia E71 give me a shout). There are lots of cases where users have reset their phone and realized later that they have lost all their personal data.

How to do a hard reset of Nokia E71
  • Switch on the phone
  • While the phone is the standby mode enter this code *#7370#
  • The phone would ask for a password, the default password is 12345 unless you have changed it before.
  • That is it you are done


But I do not want to loose my personal data

You might want to restore the factory settings of the Nokia E71 but you might not want to loose the personal data on the phone. This can be done by doing a ‘soft reset’.

Do not do a soft reset without backing up data on your phone and the memory card as backing your phone data is a good practice even if you are doing a ‘soft reset’

To do a ‘soft reset’

  • Switch on the phone
  • When the phone on the standby mode enter the code *#7780#
  • The factory settings would be restored and there will be no data loss.
  • Voila


Alternative method for hard reset of Nokia E71

There is alternate method to do a hard reset is prescribed as well. The steps involve

  • Switching off your phone
  • Press the *, 3 and the green key on the phone while starting the phone (do not ask me how, because when I tried I could not do it! and if you are successful then you should apply for a prize from Nokia)
  • The phone will ask for a password which by default is 12345 if you have not changed it in the past.

I would like to remind readers again to backup their personal data from the phone and the memory card before trying to do a reset of their Nokia E71.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Firmware for Nokia E71 - v400

Nokia E71

Image via Wikipedia

Nokia has released a new firmware update for the Nokia E71.

The new version, 400.21.013, adds improved support for

  • Nokia Email / Messaging and a pre-installed version of Ovi Contacts,
  • contains numerous stability and bug fixes, and
  • includes small updates for Internet radio,
  • Quickoffice,
  • Ovi Store,
  • Email Setup Wizard, and
  • Mail for Exchange.


The update can be downloaded and installed using Nokia Software Updater, which is a module of PC Suite. More updates once I have updated my phone.

Meanwhile if any of you update the firmware of Nokia E71 to the latest version please let me know how it went.

Nokia E71 v400 firmware now available

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