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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mobile Games are winners

I had an idea that mobile games are big and lots of users actually play games. However, I never came across concrete data which could prove my assumption.

Today I came across an article on eMarketer. Some of theMobile games highlights of the article are

  • 57% of wireless device owners who use AT&T play games on their devices. (according to Information Solutions Group)
  • Nielsen according to a survey reports that in US there are 8.7 million mobile Internet users who also play games.
  • The most popular type of games among AT&T mobile gamers were puzzles, followed by card and casino games and board games.
  • Majority (62%)of the games have a length of 15 minutes or lower while 29% games have a length of 15-30 minutes.
  • 50% of those surveyed for the Popcap survey said that they played games during work.

The article makes interesting reading and you can view the full article here.

However, my experience with E71 has not been great when it comes to gaming. E71 was never designed to be a gaming phone but having used other S60 phones in the past I rarely come across good games for my E71. Has anyone of you found a good game for E71? If so please share it here.

Via: Mobile Games Big Winners – eMarketer

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Should owners of E71 upgrade to E75

Nokia came out with a great phone with E71. It was a great improvement from its predecessors like E61. However, as is the case with good products the expectations of users were very high with the newer versions of the E series phones.

Nokia launched E75 recently and everyone thought it would be a great improvement but from the reviews it seems it is taking a hit. Techtree which is gadget review website in India has trashed the new E75. Read all about it here.

Nokia E75

However, I’m a little surprised because what improvements could have been made to E71 apart from a few aesthetics. Maybe the camera could have been improved and a little bit of multimedia improvement but that would have cut into the functionality of the other applications because of the limitations of available memory (I mean RAM on the phone). A lot of times I have a tough time to get the phone moving specially when I’m using 3-6 applications at the same time.

I agree that Nokia could have delivered a better phone with E75 but I do not feel that they have completely failed. Also it seems from the reviews that there is no need to upgrade from a E71 to E75 but those who are thinking about buying a new E71 might want to take a look at E75 as an alternate phone – of course they would have to shell out some extra money!

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I got diamonds on my E71

Continental mobiles who specialize in making mobile phone all glitzy and jazzy have come up with a jazzed up E71 which comes with embedded diamonds! Do not believe it check the image below or go here.

Diamond studded E71

Continental mobiles specializes in custom designed phones and there are other Nokia phones available as well.

The deterring factor is the price which is 5,999 pounds.

via: Engadgetmobile

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