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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trendy themes for your E71 and E71x

My favorite theme developer is AttisX. His website has some great themes for S60 V3 platform.

I’m sharing my favorite themes for E71 and E71x. I have tried and installed all the themes and the work well on my E71 and they should work on E71x as well. All the themes I have mentioned in this post are free. Each theme has at least two options one with the default Nokia icons and the other with customized icons.

PH! v2

PH! v2 theme for E71 and E71x


A very elegant theme which uses brown as the base color.  The icons included are one of the best looking. The theme is clean and very good looking.

Download now

Mobile Arsenal



Soothing Green color theme with complementing icons.Gives a more cleaner look than the PH theme.

Download now

Dark Illusion

Screenshot of Dark Illusion theme for E71 and E71x and S60 V3 phones

Screenshot of Dark Illusion theme for E71 and E71x and S60 V3 phones

If you like dark themes this is the theme for you. Very similar and more sophisticated than the default dark theme with customized icons that are a treat.

Download now

Steel Black v3

Screen Shot of Steel Black V3 theme for E71 and E71x and S60 V3 phones

Screen Shot of Steel Black V3 theme for E71 and E71x and S60 V3 phones

My favorite theme because of its elegance and customization. Except for days when I’m feeling low I use this theme. This theme is available in two versions.

Once version is standard which is free. The pro version is available for $5.50 which is a excellent deal considering the fact that it has 1358 customized elements and more than 800 third party icons! Further the Pro version has a customized Media Player, Notepad and Calculator. The comparison of the standard and Pro version can be found here.

You can buy the Pro version here (through paypal).

I have bought it and I’m not regretting it. In fact I’m proud that I supported a gifted theme designer.

Download the free version now.

There are other themes available on the AttisX website most of which are free.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Tweak the SMS features of your Nokia E71 and E71x

If you are one of those who love to use the SMS facilities on your Nokia E71 or E71x then there are two applications that can help you.

The first one is from Nokia Beta Labs and is called conversation.Nokia Conversation for E71 and E71x screenshot The add on application allows you to view your SMS’s as streams of conversations. The streams are organized by individual contacts. The application makes it very easy to have a threaded conversation with individual contacts. 

Once you have installed the application it adds a new tab to your contacts application. The application is a freeware.

The second application, which I find more useful, is called SMS  preview. SMS Preview for E71 and E71x screenshotThe application has been developed by an award winning software developer called Nordic. The application is a freeware! However, for registering the software (which is mandatory) a International SMS is generated and sent to the company for which standard charges for International SMS apply.

SMS preview allows you to instantly preview incoming SMS messages to see what is sent and who has sent it when the message arrives without a single click! You can adjust the preview time from 0 – 60 seconds.

SMS Preview for E71 and E71x video

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

FREE Quickoffice 6.0 Upgrade for E71 and other E-Series phones

It was reported on some of the prominent blogs like Nokia addict, All Symbian and Symbian blog on June 16. Yesterday I checked and there was no download available.

Today I rechecked again and lo behold the free upgrade is available and I’m downloading it right now.  You can download the application by launching the QuickOffice and going to Menu->Office->QuickOffice->Updates and Upgrades.



If you do upgrade please let me know how it went.

Source: FREE Quickoffice 6.0 Upgrade for E-Series Users « nokiAAddict.com

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick comparison of E71 and E72 – the E71 successor

Nokia launched E72 on June 16th 2009 and it is billed as a successor to E71.

So what are the owners of E72 are going to have which is not there in E71. Here’s the comparison




Feature usability


Symbian S60 3.2
Symbian S60 3.1

Symbian S60 3.1
Symbian S60 3.2
3 stars


3.2 MP

5 MP 4 stars
Phone memory 110 MB 250 MB 3 stars
External memory 8 GB 16 GB 3 stars
Battery Life
(talk time)
11 hours 12h 30m 3 stars
Connectivity 10.2 Mbps
3.2 Mbps
3.2 Mbps
10.2 Mbps
3 stars
Size and Weight same same size
1 gm more
1 star
Headphone jacks 2 mm 3.5 mm 3 stars

Thank you Chris Hampson for pointing out the errors.

So decide for yourself if you want to upgrade or not. Personally I’m going to stick with my E71.

Nokia Fan has been kind enough to share his thoughts about the E72 and he rightly points out that the E72 is just not a E71 with a better camera. Please read his comments below.

Source: Nokia E72 vs E71 | OviApplications.com

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Friday, June 12, 2009

BBC iplayer for your E71

BBC updated its iPlayer and it is now available for your E71 here.iplayer screenshot It is a runtime widget which kicks up the Real Player to view the content.

The widget basically opens the mobile version of the iPlayer website. Popular content is there on the home page or you can browse through category or channel. Content for the last 7 days is available for viewing.  Since viewing the shows is realtime it requires a strong WiFi connection or 3G.

BBC iPlayer mobile application radio screenshot The other feature that is cool is the live radio which one can listen to.  You can also download programs and view them for 7 days after which they will expire.

The sad part is the content on iPlayer is available only in UK. Though I in India can see the content available but when I try to view or download the content an error is returned. I hope BBC will provide access to users outside of UK soon.

Another screenshot of the Live TV screen on E71.


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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

E71 and other Symbian phones home appliance remote control

Sittiphol Phanvilai is one the most prolific and intelligent Symbian developer. His one of the most popular software for S60 devices is Mobitubia which is a FLV player with real time decoding. Mobitubia is a full control application for YouTube. Personally I believe that Mobitubia is more feature rich and better interface than the YouTube mobile application.

Sittiphol Phanvilai's Neuscreen was named the winner in Nokia's global calling all innovators competition as well this February. Neuscreen is an application utilizing the drawing, touch-screen and camera functionalities of a Nokia N95 device connected to a normal television set to track the motion of a light pen and enable "virtual" drawing, as well as projection and manipulation directly on the TV screen of images stored on the mobile device.

Sittiphol announced 6th Neu Project, NeuRoom - a home appliance control system via Nokia 5800. He believes that the application should work on any S60 device. It has the potential of being not just a tv remote - but also for controlling lights, the stereo, air conditioner, etc. Sittiphol has been using it on his Nokia 5800 for 2 months and the application uses bluetooth and not Infra Red which was the case with most remote controllers on S60 device.  To control the appliances Sittiphol uses a control box which is attached to the appliances.  Watch a video that Sittiphol has prepared on his application.

He will be releasing the application soon and I’m sure people would pay for such an application

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Unconfirmed T-mobile data breach

A post on insecure.com reports that T-mobile's network has been hacked and the data is available to the highest bidder. The post says that T-mobile’s competitors have turned down the offer.

To substantiate their claims the hackers have posted part of the hacked code though no details are available on how the data was hacked. It is claimed that the data available is operating data and some financial data.

T-mobile has a subscriber base of 16 million subscribers. T-mobile has denied the security breach.

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