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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

E71 and other Symbian phones home appliance remote control

Sittiphol Phanvilai is one the most prolific and intelligent Symbian developer. His one of the most popular software for S60 devices is Mobitubia which is a FLV player with real time decoding. Mobitubia is a full control application for YouTube. Personally I believe that Mobitubia is more feature rich and better interface than the YouTube mobile application.

Sittiphol Phanvilai's Neuscreen was named the winner in Nokia's global calling all innovators competition as well this February. Neuscreen is an application utilizing the drawing, touch-screen and camera functionalities of a Nokia N95 device connected to a normal television set to track the motion of a light pen and enable "virtual" drawing, as well as projection and manipulation directly on the TV screen of images stored on the mobile device.

Sittiphol announced 6th Neu Project, NeuRoom - a home appliance control system via Nokia 5800. He believes that the application should work on any S60 device. It has the potential of being not just a tv remote - but also for controlling lights, the stereo, air conditioner, etc. Sittiphol has been using it on his Nokia 5800 for 2 months and the application uses bluetooth and not Infra Red which was the case with most remote controllers on S60 device.  To control the appliances Sittiphol uses a control box which is attached to the appliances.  Watch a video that Sittiphol has prepared on his application.

He will be releasing the application soon and I’m sure people would pay for such an application

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