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Friday, June 12, 2009

BBC iplayer for your E71

BBC updated its iPlayer and it is now available for your E71 here.iplayer screenshot It is a runtime widget which kicks up the Real Player to view the content.

The widget basically opens the mobile version of the iPlayer website. Popular content is there on the home page or you can browse through category or channel. Content for the last 7 days is available for viewing.  Since viewing the shows is realtime it requires a strong WiFi connection or 3G.

BBC iPlayer mobile application radio screenshot The other feature that is cool is the live radio which one can listen to.  You can also download programs and view them for 7 days after which they will expire.

The sad part is the content on iPlayer is available only in UK. Though I in India can see the content available but when I try to view or download the content an error is returned. I hope BBC will provide access to users outside of UK soon.

Another screenshot of the Live TV screen on E71.


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LDMobileOnline said...

Seems to be running smoothly for me!

Ian Dunsford said...

This will eat up a lot of my 1Gb download limit.

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