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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick comparison of E71 and E72 – the E71 successor

Nokia launched E72 on June 16th 2009 and it is billed as a successor to E71.

So what are the owners of E72 are going to have which is not there in E71. Here’s the comparison




Feature usability


Symbian S60 3.2
Symbian S60 3.1

Symbian S60 3.1
Symbian S60 3.2
3 stars


3.2 MP

5 MP 4 stars
Phone memory 110 MB 250 MB 3 stars
External memory 8 GB 16 GB 3 stars
Battery Life
(talk time)
11 hours 12h 30m 3 stars
Connectivity 10.2 Mbps
3.2 Mbps
3.2 Mbps
10.2 Mbps
3 stars
Size and Weight same same size
1 gm more
1 star
Headphone jacks 2 mm 3.5 mm 3 stars

Thank you Chris Hampson for pointing out the errors.

So decide for yourself if you want to upgrade or not. Personally I’m going to stick with my E71.

Nokia Fan has been kind enough to share his thoughts about the E72 and he rightly points out that the E72 is just not a E71 with a better camera. Please read his comments below.

Source: Nokia E72 vs E71 | OviApplications.com

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zollies said...

I think you have the OS and Connectivity data around the wrong way ? E72 has 10Mbps HSDPA and Series 60 v3.2 OS.

Anonymous said...

There doesnt appear to be much reason to upgrade, more downgrade in some respects. The E71 stays in my pocket!

Chris Hampson said...

Are you sure those connectivity specs are right? Surely its the E72 that connects at 10.2Mbps and the E71 that connects at 3.2Mbps?

I'd be surprised if the newer handset was slower than the older handset.

Pali Madra said...


You are right. I have made an error. I have edited the post and now it shows the correct specifications.

Thanks once again.

.: DiLBaR :. - Faisal Asif said...

well, I'll keep my E71.. I don't feel E72 will make any major changes to my mobility..

NokiaFAN said...

I think the improvements brought by the E72 go way beyond a simple boost in Megapixels.


1. Accelerometer: i once said that the one thing that I really miss on the E71 is the accelerometer, the E72 brings it, enabling all the apps and games that require it.

2. Better video recording: not only is the still image capture boosted from 3.2 to 5MP, but also video recording resolution is doubled. Granted, we’re still on 15fps, but a better resolution with the possibility to use the flash in video recording are nice upgrades.

3. 3.5mm headset plug: so long small 2.5 plug and welcome standardized format! Using any headset is no longer an issue.

4. MicroUSB charging: the E72 has the usual pin charger but also supports microUSB charging so you can charge it from any computer.

5. Battery life improvements: if you thought the E71’s battery life was phenomenal, then the E72 should blow you away with power management improvements.

6. Optical scroll: I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems as though it’ll improve the scrolling a lot.

7. 600 Mhz processor: with a 369 Mhz processor, the E71 was fast and snappy, now imagine a 600 Mhz processor!

8. 250 Mb internal memory: with 128Mb on the E71, we had a little over 100Mb free and we could install all apps and games on there. With the E72, we’re guaranteed at least 200Mb free and that should be awesome for installation but also leave some free space to receive a ton of files over bluetooth for eg.

9. Built-in compass

10. Dedicated torch key

11. Brushed metal backcover (no fingerprints)

12. Active noise cancellation.


1. Feature Pack 2: for some, the best feature of FP2 is the access point handling in Destinations. For me, it’s the OTA updates and UDP, this is crucial given that I have a Mac as a computer and NSU is a huge pain in the ass to use on a Mac.

2. Better default icons: the E71 definitely has the ugliest set of icons known to man, but the E72 comes with the new set of icons so you can install the lighter default version of themes without losing much on aesthetics.

3. Pre-installed Nokia Maps 3.0, N-Gage, Nokia Messaging: these 3 programs that eat tens of megabytes of internal memory when installed separately come in by default which should definitely spare some MBs.

4. Improved multimedia support: the E71/E66 were the first Eseries devices to copy the improved multimedia software from Nseries, but the E72 should make that even better with N-Gage, UPnP, Panorama mode for shots, a better Gallery view…

As you see, there’s much more in the E72 package than a camera improvement though undoubtfully, it’ll be the main reason E71 owners will upgrade as they can finally leave home without a standalone point-and-shoot and count on their mobile for decent pics. For me, a tried and true E71 fan, the E72 fixes even the smallest nibbles that I have with the E71 and adds some options that are unbelievably drool-worthy.

Pali Madra said...

Nokia Fan,

Thank you for sharing the knowledge about E72. You are right that the improvements go beyond the camera.

The improvements are such that they seem simple or may I say trivial, but they go a long way in improving the 'usability' of the phone.

Your comparison has sown the seeds of me yearning for E72.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing is not the mega pixels. The camera in the E71 is crap. It's the worst I've seen. I had a better cam in my 2005 Samsung and that only had 2mpix. Nokia should focus on putting in a better cam with lesser noise and more vivid colours. A better cam to put it simply. More megapixels don't necessarily make it better.

Anonymous said...

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