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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Nokia E71 died on me

Nokia E71

My Nokia E71 died on me today.

I had this auto restart problem for some days with my Nokia E71. When I used to received a call and while the phone was ringing and before I could pickup the phone the phone would shutdown and restart again. This was not happening with all the calls but I would say it happened to 50% of the calls. It was annoying for me and for people who were trying to calling me.

I concluded that there must be a problem with one of the apps I had installed on the Nokia E71. Therefore I deleted some of the suspicious apps. But no luck the problem continued. Then I decided that I would reformat the Nokia E71 and also update the firmware.

This morning I went for a walk and usually I listen to podcasts while walking. I listened to the latest episode of “No Agenda” (I would recommend this podcast to everyone as a lot of conspiracy theories about all the news). I had charged the phone last night and I was able to listen to the whole podcast (about 90 minutes). In the morning I also made some calls and received calls on my Nokia E71.

I went to the office and realized that my phone had shut down. I thought the battery might have drained and plugged the Nokia E71 to the charger and lo behold the phone restarted! Then I got a call and I answered the phone while plugged into the charger (I know you should not do that but….). After the call the phone died. I plugged the charger again but the Nokia E71 refused to start.

I thought the charger had gone bad and bought a new Nokia charger and plugged the phone to the charger. Again nothing happened. When I press the start button at the top of the phone the backlights do come on but the Nokia E71 does not boot up.

My phone is about 18 months old. I wanted to know

  • if any of you have had similar problems (phone restarts while receiving a call)
  • when the battery had lived its recharge cycles do the backlights switch on?
  • If you have had to replace the battery how long (or charging cycles) did the battery last?

I will keep you posted on the developments.

Once the phone starts working I will hopefully start to post more on the E71 blog.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ovi Store update for Nokia E71 1.05(431)

There is an update for the the Ovi Store application for the Nokia E71. image

I’m not aware about the improvements made but I’m hoping that it would resolve my Facebook application download issue.

If someone knows about the changes made in the Ovi Store application please share.

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Get alerts about traffic cameras on your Nokia E71 with RoadPilot

RoadPilot have launched an application for Nokia E71 (and some other Symbian, Blackberry and Roadmobile_001 Windows mobile phones) which is designed to alert you when you are near a traffic camera. It is called RoadPilot Mobile.

The feature that sets RoadPilot Mobile apart is that it also allows users to alert each other of speed cameras and speed guns. This sounds too good to be true and I wanted to test test the application but could not do so as the application as it is not available in India (but then we do not have many speed cameras in the country anyway).

The good news (for people outside of India) is that RoadPilot Mobile is free till February 28th 2010. It can be downloaded from the Ovi Store and used till that period of time. After that the company plans to provide the application

I would love it if some of you Nokia E71 users can test the application and provide feedback. If this works I’m sure this would spread to the other parts of the world like wildfire.

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How to do a hard reset of Nokia E71

Sometimes, (for example when your phone is too slow), you have to do a hard reset of the phoneReset of Nokia E71 specially if you are like those (and me ;-) who like to test all the applications out there on your Nokia E71. Hard set it of  the phone enables you to remove everything you have installed on your phone and the default factory settings are enabled. It is just like reformatting your computer.


Please back up all the data on your Nokia E71 and the memory card before resetting the phone (if you do not know how to back up your personal data on the Nokia E71 give me a shout). There are lots of cases where users have reset their phone and realized later that they have lost all their personal data.

How to do a hard reset of Nokia E71
  • Switch on the phone
  • While the phone is the standby mode enter this code *#7370#
  • The phone would ask for a password, the default password is 12345 unless you have changed it before.
  • That is it you are done


But I do not want to loose my personal data

You might want to restore the factory settings of the Nokia E71 but you might not want to loose the personal data on the phone. This can be done by doing a ‘soft reset’.

Do not do a soft reset without backing up data on your phone and the memory card as backing your phone data is a good practice even if you are doing a ‘soft reset’

To do a ‘soft reset’

  • Switch on the phone
  • When the phone on the standby mode enter the code *#7780#
  • The factory settings would be restored and there will be no data loss.
  • Voila


Alternative method for hard reset of Nokia E71

There is alternate method to do a hard reset is prescribed as well. The steps involve

  • Switching off your phone
  • Press the *, 3 and the green key on the phone while starting the phone (do not ask me how, because when I tried I could not do it! and if you are successful then you should apply for a prize from Nokia)
  • The phone will ask for a password which by default is 12345 if you have not changed it in the past.

I would like to remind readers again to backup their personal data from the phone and the memory card before trying to do a reset of their Nokia E71.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Firmware for Nokia E71 - v400

Nokia E71

Image via Wikipedia

Nokia has released a new firmware update for the Nokia E71.

The new version, 400.21.013, adds improved support for

  • Nokia Email / Messaging and a pre-installed version of Ovi Contacts,
  • contains numerous stability and bug fixes, and
  • includes small updates for Internet radio,
  • Quickoffice,
  • Ovi Store,
  • Email Setup Wizard, and
  • Mail for Exchange.


The update can be downloaded and installed using Nokia Software Updater, which is a module of PC Suite. More updates once I have updated my phone.

Meanwhile if any of you update the firmware of Nokia E71 to the latest version please let me know how it went.

Nokia E71 v400 firmware now available

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Introducing the orkut Mobile App customized for the Nokia E71 and other S60 phones

 Google had launched the mobile version of their Orkut site which allowed you to do most of theOrkut running on a Nokia E71 activities on Orkut.

I did not realize it but in June 2009 they released a Java application for Orkut. The application allows you to

  • Take a photo on your phone and upload it right to your Orkut album.
  • Share photos with Orkut friends or SMS the photos to phone contacts not yet on Orkut.
  • Call or SMS any of your Orkut friends or phone contacts without leaving the app.Orkut settings on Nokia E71
  • View scraps, updates from friends, and photo albums in offline mode.
  • writing/reading scraps
  • updating your status
  • viewing and accepting friend requests


To download the app go to m.google.com and look for the Orkut application. Click on the link to download the application.

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Google Mobile App and voice recognition on the Nokia E71

Google has just launched a new version of the Google search application for Nokia E71  that allowsGoogle Application for Nokia E71 you to do voice search.

You need to hold the answer key (green key) down and speak into the phone your search query and Google presents you with the results. The voice recognition is quite good. Out of 10 times the application was able to pick up the work I had spoken which was remarkable.

You can download the application by going to m.google.com on your mobile browser.

There are other improvements as well

  • When you install the app and go to the Nokia E71 home screen you can see a message that asks you to press the backspace button to use the Google search application. This can be turned off from settings by disabling the “Quick Access Key”
  • settings for the goole app for E71 For the voice search there are 6 language options to use. American, Australian, British, Indian, New Zealand and Mandarin. Maybe this depends on where in the world are you when you download the Google application.
  • You can also change your destination so that Google uses that regions Google search engine.

I think Google has raised the stakes again and with the voice search feature launched it has taken a lead over other search engines and the competitors will have a tough time to play catch up.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nokia E72 the Nokia E71 successor begins Shipping

According to the Mobile Guerilla the Nokia E72 has started shipping. To quote the websiteE72 - The Nokia E71 successor

The Nokia E72 business and personal messaging Smartphone is now available in retail stores. Nokia also gave out a research study revealing that more people use email when sending critical information than the traditional phone calls or text messaging.

The phone is going to be selling at about 350 Euros.

Some of the features of the phone are

  • 600Mhz processor,
  • 2.36-inch QVGA display,
  • 5.0 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash,
  • 3.5mm audio jack,
  • 250MB of internal memory and
  • 4GB microSD card included with support for up to 16GB.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

A red Nokia E71

I saw a red colored Nokia E71 on the Internet. After going through the experience of dual SIM” supporting E71 I was skeptical and thought that here is another Nokia E71 fake.

On going a little of search I realized that Nokia had released a red version of the Nokia E71. Somehow I missed that news or did not take note of it till I saw the picture of the red Nokia E71

The red and black versions of E71

I must say that the red color phone looks very stylish and the black version is very elegant. Engadget and Symbian Guru carried the news of launching of the red color Nokia E71 with the black color as well. The chrome color version was available right from the start. I saw the black colored phone, which my friend bought about a month back and I envied his phone because it looks sophisticated.

I definitely want to look at options I have to change the casing of the phone. Has anyone got the casing of Nokia E71 changed? If so please share the cost and from where you got the casing swapped because I certainly would like to exercise the options if available.

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Nokia E71’s successor Nokia E72 available

Mobileburn has posted a video about Nokia E72.  Catch the video below.


Nokia conversations reports that Image of Nokia E72

Sound quality on calls is improved with the addition of active noise cancellation and navigation gets a boost with the addition of a digital compass. Maps is also integrated and comes with a lifetime walk and 10 days of turn-by-turn navigation, if activated within the first three months.

According Tech Goondu is going to sell for $750 without contract.

Features of Nokia E72

  • 10.2Mbps 3.5G downloads – great for do
  • an optical navi key
  • A 5MP camera

There is a nice pictorial comparison of Nokia E71 vs Nokia E72

What are your thoughts on the Nokia E72? I’m not going to go in for one as the Nokia E71 is still doing a great job for me.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amazing Nokia E71 with Dual Sim – A fake for sure

Today I saw this advertisement and was taken aback.!

Advertisement of a fake Nokia E71

It is amazing how the popular phones are being copied by some Chinese manufacturers and being passed on as originals. For the full advertisement head over to  http://bit.ly/NokiaE71fakead.

I thought I had been cheated when I saw this advertisement because my Nokia E71 does not have a dual SIM feature though it has a unique IMEI.

The unique IMEI is being advertised as this advertisement appeared in the Indian media and the authorities are coming down heavily on those who own mobiles that do not have unique IMEI.

The price of the fake Nokia E71 is given in Indian Rupees which equal to approximately $100!

Nokia needs to do something about these fake products because the buyers of original equipment feel cheated when one sees such advertisements.

What do you feel about these fake Nokia phones and would like to see one in real life to understand how good a job the Chinese do when copying popular phone mobiles.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

The best smartphones – where does Nokia E71 stand?

While the Americans cannot stop going ga ga over Iphone (though some agree that Iphone is not theSmartphones best) and hating Nokia smartphones (one of which is the E71) the sales trends of smartphones  worldwide (which is the actual truth) show otherwise. This is the case with Americans most of the time – they are oblivious to the happenings around the world. In future. This attitude of Americans has made what America is today (recession and unemployment at a record high) and the downfall will continue till the attitude changes.

I’m a avid listener of “This week in tech” (TWIT) and many a times Nokia has been criticized in this podcast and most of the panel members believe only Iphone OS and Andriod OS are going to be left in the battle of smartphones.

However, if one is to look at the sales of the smartphones worldwide it is abundantly clear that Nokia is the clear leader (though I agree that Nokia has the most number of models available – but then who stopped anyone else from doing the same)

Marketshare of Smartphones of Third Quarter 2009 (worldwide)

Nokia 37.9% (Source: neowin)
Blackberry (RIM) 19% (Source: neowin)
Apple 17.1% (Source: neowin)
HTC 5.6% (Source: neowin)


Increase in market share of Smartphones (worldwide) in the Third Quarter of 2009

Nokia 6.1% (Source: neowin)
Blackberry (RIM) 35.7% (Source: neowin)
Apple 7.1% (Source: neowin)
HTC 14.7% (Source: neowin)


Marketshare of Smartphones Operating System - Second Quarter 2009 (worldwide)

Symbian 50.3% (Source: Appleinsider)
Blackberry (RIM) 20.9% (Source: Appleinsider)
Apple Iphone 13.7% (Source: Appleinsider)
Microsoft Windows Mobile 9.0% (Source: Appleinsider)
Google Andriod 2.8% (Source: Appleinsider)
Other (Palm, Linux) 3.3% (Source: Appleinsider)


It is also mentioned in the report on Neowin that Nokia E71 and Nokia N97 are the best selling phones in Europe. In US the sales have been lower because of the lack of Carrier-based incentives.

Some of the critics might argue that the Nokia’s growth has been lower than that of Apple’s or Blackberry (RIM). The increase in market share has been lower for Nokia because Nokia already had a huge market share at the start of the quarter.

Another area where Iphone is touted to be better are the number of applications that have been downloaded. Apple store downloads are quoted to be at 2 billion with half a billion sales in the last quarter itself. Unfortunately the competitors do not have a single place (store) for downloads and therefore it is very difficult to estimate the number of downloads.

I hope the big guns (allegedly Apple!) wakes up to the reality that being the biggest seller in the US alone is not enough. If you want to dominate the market you need to look beyond US and keep users needs in mind. Agreed that Iphone dominates the US market and it has done a great job but if it could replicate its performance in the world market then Apple’s Iphone would be a true giant.

What do you feel? Will Apple start paying more attention to the markets outside of US? I personally feel it is unlikely because the profit margins per phone sold in the world market are lower than that of the consumers in US.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Protection cover for E71 by BodyGaurdz

By the growth in the number of case manufacturers for different mobiles it seems that the marketBodyGaurdz - Covers for your Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x for mobile cases is huge. While surfing I found another product BodyGaurdz which is a casing and screen protector (or body and screen protector)  for E71 and E71x phones. BodyGaurdz manufacture's covers for nearly all the mobiles.

Some of the features are

  • Tough - (though I believe the Nokia E71 itself is pretty tough. Many owners of Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x will vouch for it)
  • The product is made of three invisible layers of the same material that is used for protecting cars windshields.
  • Prevents scratches to the body and the screen of the E71.
  • Since the covering is transparent the look and feel of the phone is not lost due to the casing.
  • Two versions available – one for the screen for $14.95 (for 2 screens) and full body cover for $24.95.
  • There is an installation video available as well.

BodyGaurdz - Covers for your Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x If you are looking for phone covers, protectors or cases please read reviews of other similar products for the E71 by Nokia blog go here as it will help you made a better educated decision.

If you are aware of a product for Nokia E71 or Nokia E71x which you think is cool please send us a quick note and we will review it on the E71 by Nokia ( and if you want to post a review you are welcome to do that as well – send your requests to pali dot madra at gmail dot com – for dot use “.” in both the instances). However, publishing of the post is subject to approval.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Using Twitter on Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x – Part 1 mobile sites

On Twitter there are lots of queries of how to use Twitter on their Nokia E71 or Nokia E71x.

Mainly there are two ways you can access Twitter on your Nokia E71. The first is web based (from your browser on you Nokia E71) and the other is a third party applications.

Web Based


Twitter2go is a very basic mobile interface to access Twitter. I would not recommend this service thought and the reasons are

  • Unsecure login – Your password is not encrypted. Forget encrypting the password while entering the password you can see the password as asterix are not displayed but your actual password is seen on the screen.
  • Only two functionalities are provided – check your timeline and post updates
  • Very confusing login. The interface acts as if you have been logged in even if you use the wrong credentials.

However the update and status features work perfectly.

Twitter Mobile website

This is the official mobile interface for the Twitter mobile website.

The interface of the mobile version of Twitter is nice and clean. Some of the features are

  • The interface is clean
  • Better functionality as compared to other web based twitter services.
  • You can see your timeline, view your profile, see those people whom you follow and also view the public timeline.

If you want to use the web interface for accessing Twitter on your Nokia E71 this is the resource to go in for.    


Twapper which lets you keep up with twitter on your mobile phone brower. You can access the twitter updates for any tweeter using the URL http://m.30boxes.com/twapper/twitter_username eg.http://m.30boxes.com/twapper/e71nokia. Twapper has built in image support for flickr! Yes, you can now photo share via twitter by including any flickr photo page as a link in your twitter post.

A new version has been rolled out Twapper 2.0b with some additional features and they are

  • Twapper lets you roll your own "twitter groups" so you can bookmark and track sets of people (in this case, you'd get a bunch of incredibly verbose twitter zealots!) — yes TWITTER GROUPS. For example http://m.30boxes.com/twapper/e71+e71nokia+e71fanatics.
  • links to flickr photo pages display images
  • If you register yourself on 30 boxes then you can also post updates to twitter through Twapper.
  • Twapper also lets you direct message someone when you are looking at "just so-and-so" 

In the end Twapper has some good features but the downside it that it does not provide you the full functionality of Twitter.


If you want to use all the features of Twitter on your Nokia E71 and you want to use the browser only the Twitter Mobile site is the best option. Personally I would go in for a mix of Twitter Mobile and Twapper.

Please share your thoughts on the web based mobile Twitter applications. If you know of a service which should have been included please post a comment and I will try and review it.

Next I will be reviewing the third party applications that can be used on the Nokia E71 to access and manage your Twitter account.

PS: Sorry for not adding screenshots. I like to take actual screenshots on my E71 whenever I post them on the blog. I have taken the screenshots but they need to be edited. I will be adding screenshots to the post tomorrow.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Freeware for Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x – Part 1

Lots of users request information for applications (apps) which are freeware for Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x.

I will be reviewing the freeware for Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x. 5 freeware applications would be discussed in each post. The posts will be tagged as freeware. Though some of the applications might not work with Nokia E71x but most of them should. If an application does not work on Nokia E71x may I request you to please leave a comments on this post.

 Opera Mini Logo Opera Mini 5


With this new version Opera Mini has become a “must install” even though the default browser in Nokia E71 is a huge improvement if compared to the earlier browsers in the E-series of Nokia. Some of the features of Opera Mini 5 are Nokia E71 Opera Mini screenshot

    • tabbed browsing
    • speed dial with Thumbnails
    • copy/paste text on a page
    • password manager
    • built for speed
    • power scrolling
    • sync Bookmarks
    • save web pages for later and
    • a new powerful user interface (UI)

To know more please read a review post of Opera Mini 5 beta



Google icon Google Maps

Download or visit google.com/gmm on your phone

With a host of new features added to Google Maps for mobile Google Maps is an another application which one should have installed on your Nokia E71 or E71x. Google Maps street view Screenshot from Nokia E71 or Nokia E71x

The new features include

    • street view (since Street View has gone international it is no more restricted to users in USA)
    • request walking directions (in addition to driving and public transit) to get anywhere on foot,
    • receive transit alerts from participating public transportation authorities,
    • see what other people think of a place by reading reviews directly on your phone
    • new interface for smaller learning curve.


Read an earlier post which had a detailed review of Google Maps for Nokia E71

Ovi Maps deserves a mention but personally I would recommend Google Maps over Ovi Maps.


 mobbler Mobbler


Mobbler is an application that allows you to stream your channels for Last.fm. Last.fm is a socialNokia_E71_mobbler_screenshot music website that allows you to specify your favorite type of music then it streams those artists and similar artist to your customized radio stations.

To quote the Mobbler website

Mobbler, Mobile Scrobbler, is a last.fm radio player and scrobbler for Nokia S60 3rd edition smartphones. It allows you to listen to your last.fm radio stations and to scrobble tracks played using the Nokia S60 Music Player. Music player scrobbling can be done both whilst you listen, or queued offline to be submitted later.

 If you have not tried Mobbler give it a try and I would say it is one of the best music application available for Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x


Google Icon YouTube


YouTube for mobile enables you to convert your phone into a multimedia device. Some of the Nokia E71 YouTube Screenshotfeatures of the Youtube application for mobile are

    • Browse millions of videos
    • Access your YouTube account
    • Upload videos
    • Keep a tab on the top rated videos on YouTube
    • Search for videos on YouTube


image JoikuSpot Light


JoikuSpot Light is an application which turns your Nokia E71 or Nokia E71x into a WiFi HotSpot. The Nokia E71 Screenshot of JoikuSpot running light version of the software is free. The light version can handle on http or https traffic. If you want to use VPN, POP, IMAP or secured access then you would have to buy the full version which is available here and costs 4.99 Euros for 6 months usage or 15 Euros for lifetime usage.

Please let the community know your thoughts about these freeware for Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x by commenting on the post.

Look out for Freeware for Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x Part 2 which would be available in a couple of days.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Which apps do you have on your home screen of E71

I thought it would be interesting to know the favorite apps of users of E71.Home Screen of E71 screenshot

I have the following apps on my home screen

    • Messaging
    • Active notes – honestly I have not used it ever
    • Handy Expense
    • Gravity
    • Y-Browser and
    • Handy Alarm Pro

Please share the applications you have on the home screen of your E71. I hoping this discussion would unravel some great applications.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free Mobile Ringtones for your E71 and E71x

One of the features I like about the Iphone are the ringtones.

I decided to share some original ringtones that come with Iphone for the E71 and E71x users. You can download the free mobile ringtones ( A big thank you to Andres, Angel, Jeff – if it was not for them I would have had the wrong link up and people would have been cursing me) download the free mobile ringtones from the correct link (these ringtones can be used by any phone that supports MP3 ringtones).


All you need to do is

    • Download the archive to your desktopFree mobile ringtones for E71
    • Unzip the archive (using the windows archive utility, Winrar or 7z)
    • Once you have unzipped the files upload the files (via Bluetooth or using the cable) to the sounds directory on your memory card.
    • Go to Settings –> Profile –> Select general (or any other profile you want to customize) 
      –> Options –> Personalize –> Ringtone –> Options –> Change and then browse to the file you uploaded and select it. I have created a video since you may find the steps above confusing.
How to change a ringtone on a E71

How to change a ringtone on a E71

Let me know what you think about the free mobile ringtones and I can share a whole lot of them in the future.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mobile Smartphone Software for E71 – Mobile Task Manager

One of my favorite mobile smartphone software developer is Tommi Laukkanen. He has been actively involved in development of Twim – a Twitter client for S60 phones.

Tommi also released a software called Mobile Task Manager in July 2009. It caught the fancy of the community and was mentioned on the Nokia Mobile talk blog and the All About Symbian blog (you can read the post here relating to the earlier release). Most of the reviews recommended the software though all of them felt that polishing of the application was needed.

Mobile Task Manager runs on all Java Enabled phones.

Features of Mobile Task ManagerScreenshot of Mobile Task Manager
      • Create actions
      • Edit actions (with 3 key)
      • Mark action as done (with fire key)
      • Purge done items
      • Create folders
      • You can add notes to actions (with 9 key)
      • You can rearrange the actions (with left/right keys)
      • Mark action as favorite (with 7 key)
      • Change task priority (with 0 key)

The new version of Mobile Task Manager has now been renamed as MobileGTD. A few days back Tommi released the Version 1.2 of Mobile Task Manager. Some of the improvements in the software were

      • Prioritize todo items (none, low, normal, high)Screenshot of Mobile Task Manager by Tommi Laukkanen
      • Priority shown as flags (none, green, yellow, red)
      • Priority can be changed from item view (left/right key)
      • or straight from item list with '0′ shortcut key
      • You can sort items by name, done-status or priority
      • Import items from text file or CSV file
      • FIX: pressing '3′ causes the item below the one highlighted to open up for editing
      • FIX: "Delete selected" will not delete the last entry on a folder
      • FIX: pressing '9′ does not work for quick note editing


These are great improvements and I can see the software developing into a GTD (Getting things done) application.

If you are already using Mobile Task Manager you will need to uninstall that earlier version to update the software to the new version.

I tried the software on my E71 and it worked like charm and I do find it useful and handy to use. It will be a great add-on to my Handy Expense software to keep track of myself.

DEMO for Mobile Task Manager

Here is a demo of the Mobile Task Manager running on my E71



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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New variant of - Nokia E71 drivers edition

Nokia UK has launched a variant of E71 called Drivers edition.

The version is the same as the normal E71 but comes a get mobile charger which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket for rapid charging, and find the fastest way to your destination with a 1 year navigation license.

Nokia E71 drivers edition

It also comes with latest Quick Office. What is interesting is that Nokia site mentions that the Quick Office upgrades would be available for life with the e71 drivers edition. To quote the website

You'll also get Quickoffice licence for life, giving you free upgrades to the latest available version of Quickoffice.”

Does that mean all the E71 device owners will always get the free upgrades for Quick Office. Since I bought the phone about 15 months back I have been getting free updates therefore I believe it is true that upgrades for Quick office would be free.

Source: http://noknok.tv/2009/09/21/nokia-e71-drivers-edition-launched/

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Useful codes, tricks and shortcuts for your E71 and E71x – Part 2

Read Part 1 of the post here.

Some more codes and tricks are

  • Copy and Paste

    Lot of users of E71 face this challenge. To select the text press the shift key and use the  arrow keys to select the text. Once the text is selected, press the shift key (if you released it) and press the left selection key to copy the text. Now go to the application where you want to paste the text. Again press the shift key and press the right selection key and the text would be pasted.
  • Taskmanager

    Press the home key (long press till you see the desired action on the screen) to bring up the task manager and it will list all the running applications. You can shut off running applications to free up locked memory.
    Keys for Nokia E71
  • SMS and MMS delete shortcut

    Use the backspace key to delete SMS and MMS while reading them.
  • Quick search on contacts while writing SMS

    To insert the phone number of a contact while writing a SMS take the cursor to the “to” box and then press the center button of the navigation (“Navi Key”) and the address book would come up where you can select the recipients of your message.
  • Page Scrolling

    You can scroll a page up or down by using the control button + the up button to scroll up. For scrolling down press the control button (Ctrl) + down.

  • IMEI number (unique identification number)

    To get the IMEI of your phone press *#06#

  • Software version of your phone

    To know the software version being used on your phone press *#0000#

  • Wireless MAC address

    To know the MAC address of your phone (for Wi-Fi) press *#62209526#.

Please let me know if these tricks are useful or not. Depending upon the response I will post some more tricks and tips for the E71 and E71x

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Jb Taskman for E71


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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Experience YouTube on your E71 with Mobitubia

Though Google has its own application for YouTube. To truly experience the YouTube website on your mobile I would suggest Mobitubia. Mobitubia is Flash Video (FLV) Player and Full-Function Mobitubia on E71 YouTube portal application with real-time decoding for Series 60 3rd Edition devices.

Some of the key features of the software are

  • Awesome interface like that of a carousal which has been made popular by Apple.
  • View Offline FLV file (.flv file in device)
  • View Online FLV file (access via http://...)
  • Full-Functions YouTube
  • Watch Recently Featured Videos on YouTube
  • View Popular Clips of the Day, of the Week, of the Month and Overall
  • Search For Videos On YouTube
  • View by YouTube ID
  • See YouTube Videos embedded on third party websites
  • Lot of Customization Options like Status Bar Visibility and Max Frame Skip


Please Note

The latest version available to the public is Mobitubia v1.80 build 4. This version only plays videosMobitubia on E71 having a certain codec (Sorenson-H263 codec (Flash 7) and it should not have a resolution of more than 320x240 pixels. This is a major turn off. When I tried Mobitubia I could not play any of the popular clips and a error is retuned which reads “File not supported”. However, there is good news as Sittiphol Phanvilai (the developer of Mobitubia) has released a new version - v1.85 build 9 for donors only. The new version will be available to the public soon as per the post here.

The experience of seeing the videos with Mobitubia is very nice (the ones which I could play) and it came as no surprise when I found that Mobitubia had won the Grand Prize in Forum Nokia Open C Challenge.

In the end my advise to the average user of E71 would be to either download the new version - v1.85 build 9 by donating some money or to wait for the public release about which you will definitely here on this blog. For those geeky ones if you do not want to spend the money download the new version and you would find the experience good at least for those clips which Mobitubia can play back.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Nokia Messaging – IM Beta now supports E71

The new Nokia Messaging client now offers a desktop kind of experience on your Nokia phone and nokia_beta_labs specially if you have a E71. This beta is available for Nokia E75, E71 and E63, and it works with Yahoo!® Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi accounts.

Some of the key features of the new client are

  • Chat with your friends on the YahooMessenger, Google Talk and Ovi communities
  • Quickly navigate through multiple conversations across different communities
  • Background notifications of new IMs for true multitasking on your phone
  • Familiar and integrated community experience: Yahoo and Google specific emoticons, graphics, and sounds
  • Rapidly set status and availability, and login invisibly - choose who you want to talk to
  • See your Ovi friends' avatars and set your own
  • Save conversations to remember your chat sessions


I will be adding the screenshots and give you some feedback once I install the software by tomorrow.

important icon Important

Follow the instructions of installation available on the download page (i.e. installing with the PC Suite). I thought I could tweak the system and transferred the ‘jar’ file to the phone and running the installation on the phone. The application installed but would not run and I got this screen.

Nokia Messaging IM beta screenshot

After that I downloaded both the ‘jar’ and ‘jad’ file and installed the application through PC Suite. Everything worked smoothly.

Here are some screenshots of Nokia Messaging – IM Beta running on my E71

Nokia_IM_screenshot3 Nokia_IM_screenshot2 Nokia_IM_screenshot4


Nokia is also conducting a survey and you can participate in it here. If you use the application you can help Nokia by submitting bug reports here.

Here is a video of Nokia Messaging – IM beta from the Nokia Conversations channel on YouTube


Download Nokia Messaging IM Beta

Source http://betalabs.nokia.com/apps/nokia-messaging-chat

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Nokia Messaging trial ending this September?

There are reports that Nokia Messaging trial is going to end at the end of this month (September 30, 2009). Some of the websites that have reported it are Zomg its CJ and Phone Arena.

Nokia Messaqging for E71

The news seems to be correct as both the posts support their claim with an email (which has the same content) from the Nokia Messaging team. The content reads

Thank you for participating in the Nokia Messaging beta trial. We have enjoyed serving you, and have learned much from the feedback and input from you and tens of thousands of Nokia phone owners. This message is to inform you that the trial period will come to end at the end of
September and may not be available on your operator network.

Please keep in touch with your operator about this service availability. Thank you for using Nokia Messaging and we look forward to serving you again in the future.


Nokia messaging team

Personally I have not received any mail regarding the end of the free trial for Nokia Messaging. If the trial ends I would not subscribe to the paid service as there are better options available, for example the Gmail app and the Emoze

What would you do in case Nokia decides to end the free trial for Nokia Messaging?

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A robust case for E71 and E71x

Otterbox has announced three variants of custom cases for E71 and E71x. The three variants are

Impact model of Otterbox case for E71 Commuter model of Otterbox case for E71 Defender model of Otterbox case for E71

Impact Case

Commuter Case

Defender Case


Otterbox is different from other cases that have been reviewed because the cases do not hinder the usability of E71 or E71x as might be the case with other cases. The cases allow full interactivity with access to camera, USB and micro SD ports, volume keys, light sensor, power key, microphone and ear piece, but the choice of protection is ultimately yours.

Defender Series

Defender series Otterbox cases provide protection from dust, dirt, drops and scratches with three sturdy layers. The features of Defender Series are

  • Includes holster style ratcheting belt clip
  • Acoustic vents on speaker phone and headset speaker
  • Sound is transmitted through the case (as is the case with all the three variants)


Commuter Series

Commuter Series casing allows one to easily carry the phone in the pocket without worrying about scratching it. The commute series also has three layers of protection. Some of the features of Commuter series cases  are

  • Exposed silicone corners dissipate impact away from your device with added bump and shock protection
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Smooth outer layer allows case to slide easily into your pocket or purse
  • Silicone plugs provide access to audio jack and USB port
  • Self-adhering clear protective film, cleaning cloth and installation card included


Impact Series

Impact Series cases are built to protect the phone against bumps and shocks. It’s features are

  • Coring on inside corners of skin adds extra strength and protection
  • Added bump, drop, and shock protection
  • Self-adhering clear protective film, cleaning cloth and installation card included



The cases are costly as compared to other cases available in the market.

Nokia E71 Impact Case costs $19.95

Nokia E71 Commuter Case costs $34.95

Nokia E71 Defender Case costs $49.95

But hey your E71 or E71x is a prized possession and it seems that Otterbox would provide better protection than the other cases.

PS: If any one buys the case please share your feedback. Couple of lines about it would be appreciated.

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