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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google Mobile App and voice recognition on the Nokia E71

Google has just launched a new version of the Google search application for Nokia E71  that allowsGoogle Application for Nokia E71 you to do voice search.

You need to hold the answer key (green key) down and speak into the phone your search query and Google presents you with the results. The voice recognition is quite good. Out of 10 times the application was able to pick up the work I had spoken which was remarkable.

You can download the application by going to on your mobile browser.

There are other improvements as well

  • When you install the app and go to the Nokia E71 home screen you can see a message that asks you to press the backspace button to use the Google search application. This can be turned off from settings by disabling the “Quick Access Key”
  • settings for the goole app for E71 For the voice search there are 6 language options to use. American, Australian, British, Indian, New Zealand and Mandarin. Maybe this depends on where in the world are you when you download the Google application.
  • You can also change your destination so that Google uses that regions Google search engine.

I think Google has raised the stakes again and with the voice search feature launched it has taken a lead over other search engines and the competitors will have a tough time to play catch up.

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