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Monday, November 9, 2009

The best smartphones – where does Nokia E71 stand?

While the Americans cannot stop going ga ga over Iphone (though some agree that Iphone is not theSmartphones best) and hating Nokia smartphones (one of which is the E71) the sales trends of smartphones  worldwide (which is the actual truth) show otherwise. This is the case with Americans most of the time – they are oblivious to the happenings around the world. In future. This attitude of Americans has made what America is today (recession and unemployment at a record high) and the downfall will continue till the attitude changes.

I’m a avid listener of “This week in tech” (TWIT) and many a times Nokia has been criticized in this podcast and most of the panel members believe only Iphone OS and Andriod OS are going to be left in the battle of smartphones.

However, if one is to look at the sales of the smartphones worldwide it is abundantly clear that Nokia is the clear leader (though I agree that Nokia has the most number of models available – but then who stopped anyone else from doing the same)

Marketshare of Smartphones of Third Quarter 2009 (worldwide)

Nokia 37.9% (Source: neowin)
Blackberry (RIM) 19% (Source: neowin)
Apple 17.1% (Source: neowin)
HTC 5.6% (Source: neowin)


Increase in market share of Smartphones (worldwide) in the Third Quarter of 2009

Nokia 6.1% (Source: neowin)
Blackberry (RIM) 35.7% (Source: neowin)
Apple 7.1% (Source: neowin)
HTC 14.7% (Source: neowin)


Marketshare of Smartphones Operating System - Second Quarter 2009 (worldwide)

Symbian 50.3% (Source: Appleinsider)
Blackberry (RIM) 20.9% (Source: Appleinsider)
Apple Iphone 13.7% (Source: Appleinsider)
Microsoft Windows Mobile 9.0% (Source: Appleinsider)
Google Andriod 2.8% (Source: Appleinsider)
Other (Palm, Linux) 3.3% (Source: Appleinsider)


It is also mentioned in the report on Neowin that Nokia E71 and Nokia N97 are the best selling phones in Europe. In US the sales have been lower because of the lack of Carrier-based incentives.

Some of the critics might argue that the Nokia’s growth has been lower than that of Apple’s or Blackberry (RIM). The increase in market share has been lower for Nokia because Nokia already had a huge market share at the start of the quarter.

Another area where Iphone is touted to be better are the number of applications that have been downloaded. Apple store downloads are quoted to be at 2 billion with half a billion sales in the last quarter itself. Unfortunately the competitors do not have a single place (store) for downloads and therefore it is very difficult to estimate the number of downloads.

I hope the big guns (allegedly Apple!) wakes up to the reality that being the biggest seller in the US alone is not enough. If you want to dominate the market you need to look beyond US and keep users needs in mind. Agreed that Iphone dominates the US market and it has done a great job but if it could replicate its performance in the world market then Apple’s Iphone would be a true giant.

What do you feel? Will Apple start paying more attention to the markets outside of US? I personally feel it is unlikely because the profit margins per phone sold in the world market are lower than that of the consumers in US.

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John Manzo said...

The E71 situation is perhaps a bit better in Canada though I can't speak to market share- E71 is pretty well subsidized by Rogers but the bigger news is that Bell and Telus are both going GSM, and Telus has a RED E71, it looks like an E63. Anyway we have two carriers for the E71 now. Rogers CSR told me they're supposed to get N97 at some point, we'll see.

Gabriel said...

Wow... Well, I am an American. I hate the iPhone. I love my e71. I (like MANY other Americans) have a decent grasp on world affairs. However... I truly do not believe that it's our ''attitude'' that has gotten us into our recession and unemployment situation. Why would you lump the whole of the American population into that comment? I don't know where you are from, but I'm sure that your country has it's share of oblivious people. Shall I blame them for your country's problems? And what does this honestly have to do with cell phone sales? I was enjoying your site and it's Nokia information until I saw that comment and realized that you are so anti-American. Here's a tip... when giving people advice on how to enhance their mobile phones, it's probably best to just keep it at that. By going into broad generalizations as you did, you're going to lose readers. Best of luck and thank you for all of the great information for my e71.

Gabriel said...

Sorry, one more thing... Apple specifically chose AT&T BECAUSE they are a GSM network and therefore they CAN sell their phones in more countries with the use of a sim card. If they had gone with Verizon they would have been stuck with a CDMA network and VERY limited sales potential. As much as I dislike Apple, I have to agree that their marketing, product and services far exceeds Nokia at this stage of the game... and I LOVE Nokia.

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