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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Protection cover for E71 by BodyGaurdz

By the growth in the number of case manufacturers for different mobiles it seems that the marketBodyGaurdz - Covers for your Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x for mobile cases is huge. While surfing I found another product BodyGaurdz which is a casing and screen protector (or body and screen protector)  for E71 and E71x phones. BodyGaurdz manufacture's covers for nearly all the mobiles.

Some of the features are

  • Tough - (though I believe the Nokia E71 itself is pretty tough. Many owners of Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x will vouch for it)
  • The product is made of three invisible layers of the same material that is used for protecting cars windshields.
  • Prevents scratches to the body and the screen of the E71.
  • Since the covering is transparent the look and feel of the phone is not lost due to the casing.
  • Two versions available – one for the screen for $14.95 (for 2 screens) and full body cover for $24.95.
  • There is an installation video available as well.

BodyGaurdz - Covers for your Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x If you are looking for phone covers, protectors or cases please read reviews of other similar products for the E71 by Nokia blog go here as it will help you made a better educated decision.

If you are aware of a product for Nokia E71 or Nokia E71x which you think is cool please send us a quick note and we will review it on the E71 by Nokia ( and if you want to post a review you are welcome to do that as well – send your requests to pali dot madra at gmail dot com – for dot use “.” in both the instances). However, publishing of the post is subject to approval.

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