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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Which apps do you have on your home screen of E71

I thought it would be interesting to know the favorite apps of users of E71.Home Screen of E71 screenshot

I have the following apps on my home screen

    • Messaging
    • Active notes – honestly I have not used it ever
    • Handy Expense
    • Gravity
    • Y-Browser and
    • Handy Alarm Pro

Please share the applications you have on the home screen of your E71. I hoping this discussion would unravel some great applications.

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Guillermo Sarmiento said...

- Nokia FM Radio
- Youtube App
- Gravity
- Fring
- Opera mini
- Skyfire

Andres said...

Actually i dont use the active home screen, cause i like to have a picture in the backgroud, so i use the d-pad direct access. My programs are:
Left key: Menu
Right key: Camera
select (dpad): Google Maps)
Right: Clock (to set the alarm)
Left: Messenging
Down: Nimbuzz
Up: Mini Opera 5 beta

Anonymous said...

Opera Mini
Music Player
Sports Tracker

Anonymous said...

i havw tha following:
opera mini
google maps
seven (push mail)

John Manzo said...


Anonymous said...

Nokia browser

Simon Li said...

Opera, Image Exchange (from Nokia), Active Note, Dictionary, Calculator, Music Player

Simon Li said...

By the way, does anyone know what app support the Home Screen's "enable application" ? I meant the default the "Enabled Applications" are message, wifi scanning, radio, etc. Does any Twitter client supports it?

Anonymous said...

- Sms
- Camera
- Here and Now
- Handy Profiles
- Opera 10
- Hyves

Mick said...

I have across the top Quick Office, Notes, Gallery, Shoppping List, Nimbuzz and Snaptu. The other home keys are set as per default except my message key which is setup for text messaging. Left key is set to Conversations and Right key is to Camera. I also having running all the time Socially and Nokia Messaging.

Alexander said...

The apps on my home screen are constantly changing but currently I have:

- Messaging
- Snaptu
- Ovi Maps
- Active Notes
- Opera Mini
- Skype

All of which I currently find myself using on a regular basis with the exception of Ovi Maps which I rarely use because it fails to pick up a signal during most attempts

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