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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free Mobile Ringtones for your E71 and E71x

One of the features I like about the Iphone are the ringtones.

I decided to share some original ringtones that come with Iphone for the E71 and E71x users. You can download the free mobile ringtones ( A big thank you to Andres, Angel, Jeff – if it was not for them I would have had the wrong link up and people would have been cursing me) download the free mobile ringtones from the correct link (these ringtones can be used by any phone that supports MP3 ringtones).


All you need to do is

    • Download the archive to your desktopFree mobile ringtones for E71
    • Unzip the archive (using the windows archive utility, Winrar or 7z)
    • Once you have unzipped the files upload the files (via Bluetooth or using the cable) to the sounds directory on your memory card.
    • Go to Settings –> Profile –> Select general (or any other profile you want to customize) 
      –> Options –> Personalize –> Ringtone –> Options –> Change and then browse to the file you uploaded and select it. I have created a video since you may find the steps above confusing.
How to change a ringtone on a E71

How to change a ringtone on a E71

Let me know what you think about the free mobile ringtones and I can share a whole lot of them in the future.

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Andres said...

The link its wrong... it send you to a facebook E71 file. Could you plkease fix it?? Thanks!!

Angel said...

Wrong link. I tried to download the ringtones and got the "" file.

Please fix it.

Sorry about my english.

Jeff said...

The link shows a Facebook Mobile link instead of the MP3 files. Are you sure that's the right link?

Pali Madra said...

Andres, Angel, Jeff

Thank you for pointing out the wrong URL. I was wondering why downloads for the Facebook file were suddenly up!

Sorry for the mistake.

Nor Faridah said...

thanks! i love the "light piano" sound. :)

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