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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Opera Mini 5 – Tips for E71 users

In my last post I updated you on the new Opera Mini 5. I had also mentioned that some of the tasks were difficult to conduct on the Opera Mini (like text in capitals).

Opera Mini Logo My friends at Nokia Addict have posted shortcuts for Opera Mini 5 running on a E71. They are

  • Turn off inline editing by going to Settings –> Advanced –> Inline editing and turn it off. Now whenever you are entering text, for example URL, hit the edit option and it will bring up the normal E71 message screen that allows you to edit content the way you would normally do on a E71
  • Press 1 or hold the “OK” key to copy and paste in Opera
  • Some keyword shortcuts are
    • 1 – Select Text or Open URL in new Tab
    • 2 – Scroll UP
    • 4 – Scroll LEFT
    • 5 – Zoom IN/OUT
    • 6 – Scroll RIGHT
    • 8 – Scroll DOWN

To read the whole post please go to the post on Nokia Addict website.

Source: http://nokiaaddict.com/2009/09/17/e71-tips-opera-mini-5/

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