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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nokia E71x Tips & Tricks: Get rid of those demo games and apps?

Nokia Experts has a post for E71x users which teaches how to get rid of extra software that comesNokia E71x preloaded on E71x (actually I still do not understand the whole deal of E71x by Nokia for the North America market). There are some features that are missing on E71x but are there on E71 as John rightly pointed out in the comments to the post on the dictionary on E71 by Nokia blog.

I was horrified to know that using these applications costs money! (except for yellow pages and Cellular video). No application costs less than $2.99 per month! To see the full costs please see the post on Nokia Experts.

All the more reason to get these application off your E71x! Mathew Miller kept the AT&T Navigator and WikiMobile application on his phone as he finds them useful. So head over to the post and follow the instructions (which are pretty easy to follow) and get a faster E71x!

Since I personally do not own a E71x please share your experiences about removing the bloat ware on the E71x.

Nokia E71x Tips & Tricks: Want to get rid of those demo games and apps? | Nokia Experts

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Anonymous said...

I have problems with corrupted file or certificate error when I try to download or pass themes, games, ect from free webpage like zedge,and more. the only way to have applicables, ect. is buying direct from att

Pali Madra said...


The problem is that most of these sites have hacked applications and files. Therefore you would find that when you try to install these files on the phone you get a error while installing and the file does not install properly.

The trick is to read comments if you are downloading the files from forums to understand if people have been having a problem or not. This works for me most of the times. As far as themes are concerned I would rather download the themes from the author's site. Tek7 themes is one such site. The theme files on sites like zedge are dicey and I would always fear about viruses.

What are the files you looking for. Let me know maybe I can help.


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