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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Useful shortcuts or tricks for your E71

Today I will share some useful shortcuts or tricks that I use with my E71.

  • Let the phone read your text messages
    A long press of the left key, at the top left, will initiate your E71 to read any unread SMS messages that might be there in your Inbox.
  • One touch mute
    You can mute your phone by clicking the key between the up and down volume keys. Pressing the button again would unmute your conversation.
  • See the time and date at any time
    When the phone is in the locked state and the screen is blank, hit the Navi Button to displayMain keys of E71 phone the time and date in a large font.
  • Mark multiple messages or emails
    Use the shift and Enter key to mark and unmark mails, SMS and Email messages. This shortcut also works for files in the file browser which is present in the office folder.
    You can also use the shift and navi keys
  • In Real Player
                   Press 'fn' twice then press 2 for full screen
                   Press and hold 'navi button up' to fast forward
                   Press and hold 'navi button down' to rewind
  • Bluetooth
    To activate or deactivate blue tooth press and hold the * key
  • Changing profiles
    To switch between general and silent profiles press and hold the # key
  • Access browser
    To access the browser from anywhere in the menu press and hold the 0 key
  • Dial 1-800 ANYTHING
    If you want to dial a 1-800 number where you know only the alphabets of the 1-800 number here is a trick for you dial it easily.
    Dial 1800, hit Fn, then Shift twice, type the alphabets, and press the Call/Green key to dial. The number will be dialed. Isn't that neat?
  • Delete one character a time after the cursor
    To delete one character at a time after the cursor press the shit and the backspace button.
  • Select the text input option
    Messaging, press Fn (most left bottom button) + Spacebar = gives input option such as turn on/off predictive text, settings, writing language, input method.
  • Disconnect all connections
    Press and hold the end button to close all connections (call, GPRS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth)
  • Choose language
    Shift+Ctr jumps directly to language selection section.

I will be sharing more tips about the E71 in the future posts under the category of E71tricks.

If you have any shortcuts or tricks for the E71 please share them.

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Anonymous said...

The 1-800-ANYTHING solution unfortunately doesn't work on the E71x.

Anonymous said...

Great one.
if I will get some more, Will post :)

Demokrazi-Papaya said...

ive just installed opera mini beta 5 to my e71 phone. is there possible for me to set the browser as the default browser? because whenever i click link in text msg, it will redirect and open in nokia browser.


Pali Madra said...


Very good question Demokrazi.

Sorry I do not know the answer and from what I have seen on the discussion boards it seems that it is not possible.

Personally I would not loose hope. If someone finds a way to use Opera Mini as the default browser please let us know

Mike said...

Thanks for this page, it is most helpful. I love the E71, but don't find it very intuitive or as user friendly as the older Nokias I used to own. However, I want to persevere and learn more about it. I will have some questions in the future.

Thanks again.

Mike said...

It used to be there, but I am no longer seeing the time when hitting the Navi Button when the phone is in the locked state and the screen is blank.

Have I perhaps accidentally disabled this function and does it need to be re-assigned? The Navi button seems to be working fine in other applications.


Kiran said...


I have a problem with one touch mute on my E71x. When I press the key between volume keys, nothing happens. Got tired of going to options to mute the phone.

Can some one help me with this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Press the shit and the backspace button"

Perhaps the "Shift" key would work better?


Anonymous said...

thank you. very useful stuff

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