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Friday, September 18, 2009

Nokia Messaging trial ending this September?

There are reports that Nokia Messaging trial is going to end at the end of this month (September 30, 2009). Some of the websites that have reported it are Zomg its CJ and Phone Arena.

Nokia Messaqging for E71

The news seems to be correct as both the posts support their claim with an email (which has the same content) from the Nokia Messaging team. The content reads

Thank you for participating in the Nokia Messaging beta trial. We have enjoyed serving you, and have learned much from the feedback and input from you and tens of thousands of Nokia phone owners. This message is to inform you that the trial period will come to end at the end of
September and may not be available on your operator network.

Please keep in touch with your operator about this service availability. Thank you for using Nokia Messaging and we look forward to serving you again in the future.


Nokia messaging team

Personally I have not received any mail regarding the end of the free trial for Nokia Messaging. If the trial ends I would not subscribe to the paid service as there are better options available, for example the Gmail app and the Emoze

What would you do in case Nokia decides to end the free trial for Nokia Messaging?

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@stevecs said...

I think it's a strange decision and also like yourself I haven't received any kind of mail announcing this.

The problem is, is that it's not exactly the greatest messaging client out there but it does do the job but I for one won't be paying for it as I previously stated it's not that great.

I have profimail which does the job for me so will revert back too using that, I have a data plan on my service so I won't be missing anything and personally I think profimail is better than the Nokia client anyway.

Gotti said...

Not having to pay for nokia messaging was one of the reasons that I have not switched to a Blackberry.

If I have to start paying for nokia messaging, it may be about time that I switch to a Blackberry.

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