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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amazing Nokia E71 with Dual Sim – A fake for sure

Today I saw this advertisement and was taken aback.!

Advertisement of a fake Nokia E71

It is amazing how the popular phones are being copied by some Chinese manufacturers and being passed on as originals. For the full advertisement head over to

I thought I had been cheated when I saw this advertisement because my Nokia E71 does not have a dual SIM feature though it has a unique IMEI.

The unique IMEI is being advertised as this advertisement appeared in the Indian media and the authorities are coming down heavily on those who own mobiles that do not have unique IMEI.

The price of the fake Nokia E71 is given in Indian Rupees which equal to approximately $100!

Nokia needs to do something about these fake products because the buyers of original equipment feel cheated when one sees such advertisements.

What do you feel about these fake Nokia phones and would like to see one in real life to understand how good a job the Chinese do when copying popular phone mobiles.

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karimrg said...

there is no "Nokia" on the ad. Is necesary to beeye trained when looking at this chinese phones.

Chetan Thaker said...

These phones are cheap Chinese knock-offs. Unique IMEI numbers were not really enforced in India until sometime back. They now flash the software in such a way that they get a new IMEI number everytime the operator disconnects phones coming in/going out. Easily available off the shelves. You walk out of the shop, you lose warranty. -

Talou said...

Hey, my genuine E71 is actually dual sim, thanks to a little addon inserted into it for less than 10 bucks. Cool feature, working fine ;)

Pali Madra said...

That's great.

Can you share where you go this done? Does it work properly.

Talou said...

HI, example :

Just try "dual sim holder" on ebay, there is always some availables.
Mine just works well on my e71, and via the Sim management application included, the switch is easy, without rebooting.
There is only one cons : the adapter must be placed over the batterie, and then it's slightly hard to close the phone, but possible.

Anonymous said...

Talou, thats technic from the past, have to SWITCH between sim's, which is a hassle!

All you nokia fans must consider, that nakia actually dont serve you with the real "dual sim Dual StANDBY" feature, to please your powerful providers!

I assume you guys have all contracts? great! I use cheap PAYG all over, with several providers, and have them all in mydual sim phone. Benefits: cheap prices on evrything seperate: call and/ortxt an/or internet...

Of course your providers wont offer a "real" dual sim phone, to prevent other providerrs being used...

So, dont diss the china phones too much, they are honest: they say its chinese, it cheap, and the have all (recordable) TV and Radio etc.

But as well drawbacks: sometimes crap keypads, or menues...

And yes, the term "E-71 Pro" is a niche found, and not similar to "E71"... No "nokia" in the ad.. :O) Cheers

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