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Monday, November 16, 2009

Nokia E71’s successor Nokia E72 available

Mobileburn has posted a video about Nokia E72.  Catch the video below.


Nokia conversations reports that Image of Nokia E72

Sound quality on calls is improved with the addition of active noise cancellation and navigation gets a boost with the addition of a digital compass. Maps is also integrated and comes with a lifetime walk and 10 days of turn-by-turn navigation, if activated within the first three months.

According Tech Goondu is going to sell for $750 without contract.

Features of Nokia E72

  • 10.2Mbps 3.5G downloads – great for do
  • an optical navi key
  • A 5MP camera

There is a nice pictorial comparison of Nokia E71 vs Nokia E72

What are your thoughts on the Nokia E72? I’m not going to go in for one as the Nokia E71 is still doing a great job for me.

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1 comment:

Daniel Alarcon said...

The Nokia E72 looks nice, but there's no way I'll change from my E71 with the $750.00 price :S, not going to happen, besides, the E75 looks nice too, but then again, I'm not planning, for now, to move away from the E71.

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