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Monday, November 16, 2009

A red Nokia E71

I saw a red colored Nokia E71 on the Internet. After going through the experience of dual SIM” supporting E71 I was skeptical and thought that here is another Nokia E71 fake.

On going a little of search I realized that Nokia had released a red version of the Nokia E71. Somehow I missed that news or did not take note of it till I saw the picture of the red Nokia E71

The red and black versions of E71

I must say that the red color phone looks very stylish and the black version is very elegant. Engadget and Symbian Guru carried the news of launching of the red color Nokia E71 with the black color as well. The chrome color version was available right from the start. I saw the black colored phone, which my friend bought about a month back and I envied his phone because it looks sophisticated.

I definitely want to look at options I have to change the casing of the phone. Has anyone got the casing of Nokia E71 changed? If so please share the cost and from where you got the casing swapped because I certainly would like to exercise the options if available.

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Ricky said...

I've already used Red E71 for about 3 months and yes, it's look very stylish.

I'm in Indonesia anyway.

fungus said...

I recently changed my e71 body it was the grey/silver changed it to a white one.

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