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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Nokia E71 died on me

Nokia E71

My Nokia E71 died on me today.

I had this auto restart problem for some days with my Nokia E71. When I used to received a call and while the phone was ringing and before I could pickup the phone the phone would shutdown and restart again. This was not happening with all the calls but I would say it happened to 50% of the calls. It was annoying for me and for people who were trying to calling me.

I concluded that there must be a problem with one of the apps I had installed on the Nokia E71. Therefore I deleted some of the suspicious apps. But no luck the problem continued. Then I decided that I would reformat the Nokia E71 and also update the firmware.

This morning I went for a walk and usually I listen to podcasts while walking. I listened to the latest episode of “No Agenda” (I would recommend this podcast to everyone as a lot of conspiracy theories about all the news). I had charged the phone last night and I was able to listen to the whole podcast (about 90 minutes). In the morning I also made some calls and received calls on my Nokia E71.

I went to the office and realized that my phone had shut down. I thought the battery might have drained and plugged the Nokia E71 to the charger and lo behold the phone restarted! Then I got a call and I answered the phone while plugged into the charger (I know you should not do that but….). After the call the phone died. I plugged the charger again but the Nokia E71 refused to start.

I thought the charger had gone bad and bought a new Nokia charger and plugged the phone to the charger. Again nothing happened. When I press the start button at the top of the phone the backlights do come on but the Nokia E71 does not boot up.

My phone is about 18 months old. I wanted to know

  • if any of you have had similar problems (phone restarts while receiving a call)
  • when the battery had lived its recharge cycles do the backlights switch on?
  • If you have had to replace the battery how long (or charging cycles) did the battery last?

I will keep you posted on the developments.

Once the phone starts working I will hopefully start to post more on the E71 blog.

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Anonymous said...

I have the same problem and mainly with long calls. i mean calls longer than 3 minutes or more. Suddenly the phone shutt down without notice and it restarts again. i have a lot of Nokia apps installed . the issue start happening once i installed some Nokia apps.

billaras said...

Did u try to take off the battery for 5-10 minutes?

Alexandre said...

Once, after a software update, my E71 never booted up. The screen turned on
and off a few seconds after. The only solution for me was to send it to
Nokia and they changed my phone. It was a motherboard problem. But it was covered by the warranty. Try to find a Nokia shop or contact the hotline :)

Anonymous said...

Scary that this can happen, nothing like this has ever happened to me. I will stop listening to no agenda however until this is resolved. Perhaps you can sent this issue to no agenda, Adam has some connections with Nokia perhaps he can fix you up :)

Yoran said...

I had kind of the same problem at some point, but for me it was a memory card problem. After I popped it out it was working like a charm again.

Anonymous said...

Same problem to my e71...Regularlry hang or restrart problem...i dont know why this is happening?

Vincent said...

I am having similar problems with my E71. It won't bootup without the charger and it shutdown randomly in sleep mode.

levett said...

Mine started with the same symptoms ... now it's completely dead and wouldn't start up at all. Does anyone have a solution?

Pali Madra said...

@levett. How did the phone die. In my case it was that the battery had drained and the phone never started again inspite of my best efforts to recharge it.

When I took it for repairs (not Nokia Care) the guy plugged my phone battery to a 12 volt DC adapter for couple of minutes. He put the battery back into the phone and voila! My phone was working.

I do not encourage you to try this method yourself but approach someone who knows something about mobile phones and their batteries. Try it.

Emil1104 said...

My E71 was left charging overnight and the next morning i found it with a black screen, it wouldn´t boot, just keyboard and screen backlight on, and it won´t make calls or recieve calls.

If i connect it to the charger it will beep and light up the backlight every 5 minutes.

Finally it shuts down after 4 or 5 minutes.

Please help. I´m at Dominican Republic and we don´t have Nokia Care Centers.

ASC Consultants said...

I had the same problem and rang nokia support. They simply got me to remove the battery and sim card for 5 minutes ... after that I had no problem booting the phone.

Anonymous said...

I have had my E71 for 16months and have not had a problem like this occur. Though, I previously had the N73 and experienced the same issues as you are. I had to send it away for repair but only to realize that it is not an uncommon problem that Nokia phones face. In any case perhaps, I would recommend you to update the software on your E71 and if it reoccurs, it may be fault of the phone battery.

aj said...

I have the same problem the autorestart started about 20 days ago the shutdown menu always loads by it self and u cant cancel it. I have to take the battery if i want to turn it off and as soon as i put the battery it turns on without pressing the button.. Its killing me I love the phone but this is just annoying

Anonymous said...

My skanker just died overnight! It's been working great for ages... Last few weeks slowed down a little bit, but I thought that was just the memory getting a bit full.

Put it on to charge last night. Woke up to a phone that had switched itself off for the first time.

Turned it on, got a few calls out of it, then it turned itself off... A few more repeats and bam. Dead as a freakin dodo.

Tried taking out the battery, sim & memory card for hours, no dice.

Conveniently recently out of warranty... Damn built in obsolence I say.

Silentresonance said...


I was googling for people with similiar problems about having nokia e71 phone dying when I stumbled onto your blog.

My phone (even though it does not hang amid calls) hangs because I had set a security password to auto lock my phone and sometimes when it autolocks on a page other than the homepage my e71 starts to hang. And I didn't know of any restart button so I had to forcefully take out the battery to restart my phone.

Just a few hours ago, the same thing happened to me. However, this time round my phone died and never showed the "nokia start up screen" and now [quote] When I press the start button at the top of the phone the backlights do come on but the Nokia E71 does not boot up[/quote] I tried changing the battery and charging my phone but neither solution works so I am guessing something really bad happened to my phone itself.

Can anyone provide me a solution? I really need my phone alive again ._. Much thanks appreciated!

LPR said...

@Silentresonance: First take your phone to someone that can load the latest firmware on your phone. That did the trick for me. Try backup your phone with OVI before you do so (if you still can).

Also ask someone with similar phone if you can use their battery to test if it is not the cause of your problem.

Good luck

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