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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Firmware for Nokia E71 - v400

Nokia E71

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Nokia has released a new firmware update for the Nokia E71.

The new version, 400.21.013, adds improved support for

  • Nokia Email / Messaging and a pre-installed version of Ovi Contacts,
  • contains numerous stability and bug fixes, and
  • includes small updates for Internet radio,
  • Quickoffice,
  • Ovi Store,
  • Email Setup Wizard, and
  • Mail for Exchange.


The update can be downloaded and installed using Nokia Software Updater, which is a module of PC Suite. More updates once I have updated my phone.

Meanwhile if any of you update the firmware of Nokia E71 to the latest version please let me know how it went.

Nokia E71 v400 firmware now available

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.:h:o:z:e:f:a:. said...

hey, i hav FW v300, i m wondering if i can backup my applications (etc.) from the 2gb memory card and restore to 8gb card?

Daniel Alarcon said...

No updates available, any idea when the E71-2 TYPE: RM-357 will update again, I have the 200.21.118 version for a long time now, and no updates...

Madelaine said...

hi! would you know if the update of the firmware still includes the dictionary? I love that app and that's why I can't update 'coz I think I might lose it. thanks!

Anonymous said...

@ Daniel Alarcon

i have the same model of e71-2.
it's new firmware is available and can be update via NSU(Nokia Software Updater) but i would suggest not to upgrade it as there are so many people who are complaining a battery drain problem and Wifi and GPRS disability in the new firmware.. the firmware which u and i are using i.e 200.21.118 is the most stable firmware for e71-2

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