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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Should owners of E71 upgrade to E75

Nokia came out with a great phone with E71. It was a great improvement from its predecessors like E61. However, as is the case with good products the expectations of users were very high with the newer versions of the E series phones.

Nokia launched E75 recently and everyone thought it would be a great improvement but from the reviews it seems it is taking a hit. Techtree which is gadget review website in India has trashed the new E75. Read all about it here.

Nokia E75

However, I’m a little surprised because what improvements could have been made to E71 apart from a few aesthetics. Maybe the camera could have been improved and a little bit of multimedia improvement but that would have cut into the functionality of the other applications because of the limitations of available memory (I mean RAM on the phone). A lot of times I have a tough time to get the phone moving specially when I’m using 3-6 applications at the same time.

I agree that Nokia could have delivered a better phone with E75 but I do not feel that they have completely failed. Also it seems from the reviews that there is no need to upgrade from a E71 to E75 but those who are thinking about buying a new E71 might want to take a look at E75 as an alternate phone – of course they would have to shell out some extra money! Tags: ,,

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