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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ultimate protective Case for your E71 and E71x phone

I have been on the lookout for a new case for my E71 which I keep dropping every now and then.( I think I can have some record of sorts for it). Earlier I was using a leather case which I had purchased with my E71 which did a good job but the inner lining came off a few weeks back.

I did find an alternative which was not leather but rexin and then I found out about Epikcases on the Tek Seven’s (one of my favorite theme developer and designer for mobile phones) website.

Epikcases for your E71 and E71x

The company that is selling these cases describe this case as a “high quality premium transparent resin gel soft case”. What is great about this case is that it incorporates the advantages of silicon cases and crystal cases and adds to those advantages of having a flexible and protective case for your E71. Now your E71 will never get old!

epikcases for E71 and E71x

The main features are

  1. Perfect fit – Since each phone model has a separate casecase_colors designed specifically for that phone model.
  2. Colors – Lots of colors available to choose from.
  3. Screen Protector – Built in screen protector in each case
  4. Skid Proof – Keep your E71 and E71x scratch and dust free.
  5. Visual transparency – Visual transparency allows you to maintain the look and feel of your phone.
  6. Great PriceOnly $4.99 + shipping and handling charges. They ship all across the world.

DC Mugen has done a good job of marketing the Epikcases. They have a video channel on YouTube dedicated to the Epikcases. Check it out!

I would definitely recommend the cases and have ordered for one already. Please share information on the case you use for your E71 or E71x as it would be interesting to know how people protect their phones.

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Chris Hampson said...

I got one of these and can attest to their brilliance. My E71 is still sexy, but now equally sturdy.

Plus it fits so tight, it looks like it's part of the phone. Get one now if you haven't got one.

Pali Madra said...

Chris thank you for the comments.

Which color case did you buy?

Chris Hampson said...

I got a black one.

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