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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free screensavers for your E71, E71x phones – Pikkoo

Pikkoo, a Finish company has launched a ground breaking servicePikkoo logo  which allows users to create interactive flash screensavers and wallpapers for S60 phones including E71 and E71x which support Flash Lite.

You can browse the creations of the members of Pikkoo here.

The service was launched in May this year and it is pretty easy to use.

  1. Just go to the create screensaver or wallpaper page 
  2. Add the background that you like
  3. Add any clips if needed
  4. Add any widgets (clock, battery and signal strength)
  5. Add any shapes you want
    Pikkoo create page
  6. In the next step add any effects that you want to add to the components of your screensaver or wallpaper.
  7. Each component can be resized, rotated and assigned a different color. In addition you can assign any transparency to each component individually.
  8. Once you are done you hit the preview button and review your creation
  9. If you are satisfied with the result you need to name your creation and assign two tags to it.
  10. In the next step you create a thumbnail of you screensaver or wallpaper which is done by cropping a part of your creation.

You can now download the screensaver as a swf file and use it as a screensaver. Check out my creation on Pikkoo here. Screensaver for E71

Pikkoo has a advanced screensaver manager for your phone which allows you to tweak the settings of the screensavers on your phone in addition to free unlimited screensaver downloads from the Pikkoo website.

Another cool feature that has been launched by Pikkoo recently are screensavers for phones which also have the updated live weather of you city. You can create a live weather based screensaver here.

Services like Pikkoo make phones more interactive and user friendly and it is no wonder that they were declared as a top 5 mobile start up at Mobile2.0 Europe.

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