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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Firmware update for E71 (Vr 300.21.012) camera photo quality fix?

In a earlier post on this blog I had reported that the latest firmware update (Vr 300.21.012 dated July 2, 2009) does not improve the quality of the photos taken with E71 or E71x.

However, today I saw that the E71 Fanatics Forum has a post that contains photos taken from E71 before and after the upgrade. There seems to be a marked improvement in the quality of the photos taken with the camera of E71. The annoying purple tinge is no more there in the photos.

The photos were posted on Howard forums by a user called ‘Weirdo’.

Photo taken after the firmware (Vr 300.21.012) update

Photo taken from E71 before the firmware update Photo taken before the firmware update on E71
Photo taken after the firmware update on Nokia E71 This is exciting news for all E71 owners as one of the biggest complaint of E71 users has been the quality of the pictures taken with E71. This news will push me to update the firmware of my E71 sooner than I wanted to. Most likely I will update the firmware for my E71 today.

Meanwhile if anyone has updated the firmware on their E71 or E71x please let us know if there is a difference in quality of the pictures taken after the firmware update.

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Anonymous said...

You posted the pictures in a fashion that looks as if the photos got worse after the update lol.

Pali Madra said...

Thank you for pointing it out. I had made that mistake and made a fool out of myself.

Thanks once again.

Rhoddy said...

I would like to know if the firmware update prevents the phone from freezing when accepting an incoming call.

blog_kidd said...

Have you confirmed this with your own pics?

Or can anyone else confirm this?

Pali Madra said...

Blog_kidd I have confirmed it myself and there is a change in the quality of the pictures. I would not say that the purple tinge is gone by it is certainly less pronounced.

Rhoddy from my personal experience once it happened to me and the call came through and I took the call and everything went smooth. However, I would recommend not to take the call as you never know with the firmware updates and it would be trouble if your phone goes dead after that.

Best of luck with the update!

blog_kidd said...

Awesome. I'll have to check my version and see if I want to do this upgrade.

inman said...

dude I just have to to say...

you drink way too much coke...


Jay Cochin said...

I have got E71 and its build date is 27/11/2008 V 200.21.118 is it safe to update firm ware now?

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