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Friday, July 24, 2009

Free themes for E71 and E71x

It has been proven, as I said yesterday, that “pimp my phone” is the most in demand information that users of E71 and e71x phones seek from the queries on Twitter and by studying the analytics of the E71byNokia blog.
There are a lot of themes available for S60 phones. My endeavor while reviewing themes on the e71byNokia blog is going to be to highlight those themes that are customized for E71 and E71x phones. All the themes have been tested by me on my E71 which is an unlocked SIM-free phone. As a proof the screenshots which I share in this post or future theme based posts will be from my phone.
Spring Time by Eric for E71 and E71x
  • Gives the phone a very bright look
  • Simple and Elegant
  • SVG graphics available if you want to customize the theme
  • Two versions available – one with customized icons and another without the customized icons
  • Green (bright) colored theme
Screenshot of Spring Time theme for E71 and E71x

Screenshot of Spring Time theme for E71 and E71x t
Download the Spring Time theme for E71 and E71x
Stylish Water by Nahid

  • A grey background and subdued but classy theme

  • Customized icons version available

  • 4 versions available including for FP2 devices and standard icons
 Screenshot of the Stylish Water Theme for E71 and E71x
Download Stylish Water Theme for E71 and E71x
Prestige Lite (Solace)
One of my favorite theme developers is Tek Seven and Prestige Solace (lite) is the free version of the Prestige Solace Pro theme.

  • Minimalistic theme

  • White color based theme

  • Customized icons including Ovi version

  • 3 versions available for E71 itself
Download the Prestige Solace theme for E71 and E71x
Please let me know whether you liked the themes and if you would like some different themes.
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