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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Updating E71’s firmware to 300.21.01218-062009RM206

I have just finished the update of the firmware of my E71 to
E71 image 300.21.012
(know the firmware version of your E71 or E71x phone by punching in *#0000#)
Everything looks fine right now.

Since it is late – 1:30 AM. I will post the details of the process I used to update the firmware and the details of the results of the update tomorrow.

Over the last one week (or more) I have found it challenging to post regularly on the E71byNokia blog. Keeping that in mind I have thought about some alternatives which will help the readers to remain up to date about happenings in the E71 and E71x arena.

I will share those thoughts with you tomorrow therefore please do come back again in a day or two and provide me your valuable feedback.

Thank you for reading the blog.

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Prosenjitz said...

It's a great news that we can have your first hand observations on the results of the latest firmware.

Please let us know if there is any noticeable improvement in camera performance, and in the native browser performance!

And also about other improvements, if any!

Thanks a ton in advance!

With regards,

Bill H said...

When I entered the ID from my E71x, the Nokia site said no updates are available for my device. Are you sure this is for the E71 AND the E71x? Thanks...

Pali Madra said...

I will be updating the blog with my experience on updating the firmware today.

Right now all I can say is that the phone has been updated and everything seems to be working fine for the last 3 days. Which means I did not screw up anything majorly.

Pali Madra said...


Sorry to hear that you did not find a update to E71x.

Since you posted the comment I did some digging and found out that the firmware update is for Asia and Europe SIM free models (http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/news/item/9148_Nokia_E71_firmware_to_21021006.php).

I guess since you are in US you would have to wait for the update.

Pali Madra

Lewis McMillan said...

Hi there I think you should check out www.twittermobile.co.uk, I have it on my e71 and it is by far the best client around!!!

Neeraj said...

I am using a Nokia E71; bought it in a Singapore.Its a brazilian handset (through Vivo, a provider there) Firmware is 100.07.76 (08-Aug-08; really old !!). Code is Rm-407. I am unable to update the firmware online and I get the message that this is the latest firmware for your phone. Is there a way to get around this problem? I am currently based in India. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks !!

samuel said...

Hi Pali,

Amazing blog! Love it!

In one of your previous post you mentioned you'll write us a note on how to best proceed to update the firmware.
I must admit I am slightly scared to progress without any guidance... given I would not like to lose all my data, I'd be keen on reading your note ;-0
Have you already posted it, could you please direct us? Is this still on the plan?

Many thanks!

faezah said...

is this for asian release too??

Pali Madra said...


Neeraj I'm based in India and I have updated my phone. I hope your phone is not the E71x version which is sold in US.

Faezah, therefore the upgrade is for Asia I presume. I will dig around more to find out exactly where all the update is not available but till that point of time I personally would take it that the update is available for all.

Pali Madra said...

I will be writing a post on how I updated the software. Sorry I have not been updating the blog for some days as I was busy with some personal work.

Sorry once again and thanks for your patience.

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