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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Applications for download for E71 and E71x phones by Nokia

NokiaAddict is one my favorite resources which I use to update myself on Nokia phones.

Gerrymoth has created a list with the downloads for E71, N95 and N96 phones. He has archived all the software into one download which can be found here. It is mentioned that the file would be updated monthly however, it does not seem to be the case as the last update was made in January 2009.

Please note that all the software mentioned is not freeware. Those that are not freeware are trailware (in such cases the software stops working after the period of trial is over which is typically 15 or 30 days).

Some of the software that is featured on the list is

  • Nokia Chat
  • Nokia Maps
  • Nokia Email
  • Nokia Sports Tracker
  • Nokia Internet Radio Player
  • Handy Taskman
  • Handy Calendar
  • Handy Clock
  • Google Mail & Mail by Google
  • Google Maps
  • Scribe (WordPress Client)
  • Mobbler ( Player & Scrobbler)
  • Y-Browser (File Manager)
  • Skype (BETA)
  • Fring

Check out the list on the NokiaAddict download section and you are sure to find something interesting that you have not used in the past.

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