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Friday, July 3, 2009

Tweets60 – A free twitter client for your Nokia E71 and E71x

Ravensoft who describe themselves as software design architects have released a Twitter client for S60 phones called Tweets60. The application runs well on E71 and E71x. What’s more it is free!

Screenshot of Tweets60 running on E71

Some of the features of the application are

  • Post directly from your phoneA screenshot of Tweets60 running on E71
  • Faster and more efficient than the mobile site
  • Smart synchronization to keep your data usage to a minimum
  • Keep up to date with automatic polling
  • Manage who you're following on the go

There are other Twitter clients available and the best so far, according to me and others is Gravity. However, Gravity is not free and Tweets60 offers good competition specially given the fact that it is free.

Download Tweets60

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