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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nokia Messaging for E71 and E71x gets an update

 Nokia Messaging has been updated to 9.05.75 for Nokia E71 and E71x. You can download the application from here for your Nokia E71 and E71x phones.

Screenshot of Nokia Messaging on e71

The features that have been added to the application are

  1. Support for Windows Live Hotmail email addresses
  2. Client and service performance improvements
  3. Support for 18 S60 devices in 17 languages
  4. Advanced email server settings configuration on
  5. Support for HTML-formatted emails

If you have not used Nokia Messaging in the past then there is great tutorial on Mobile Geeks. I will be coming up with my own version of the setup in some days.

As always if you face any problem in using Nokia Messaging on your E71 and E71x then give me a shout.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Pali,

I was wondering if you could address the following isses on your blog or in a comments reply:

1. Sometimes when I press the "home" or "menu" key, I don't get the menu. I have to restart mu phone, then it works.

2. Even though there is plenty of memory left in both the phone and sdcard, when there are a lot of smses in the inbox, the smses begin to appear without the contact name (just the number). restarting does not help, so I have to delete smses that I would like to keep, even though there is plenty of memory.

3. Sometimes when I receive an sms and try to read it: a message comes up "Messaging Memory full, Please close some applications." Even though there is plenty of memory and I am not running any applications. Restarting helps.

4. I am not allowed to have more than 999 sent smses, as the number goes up, the older ones get deleted. Again, even though there is still plenty of phone and sdcard memory.

5.Please do let us know if you figured out the "signing" issue on that freeware conversations that someone posted about in comments.

I bought this phone for smsing. Please help!?

Many Thanks.

Rich D. said...

I downloaded the new messaging software on your site.(I used Xpress Mail to set up my gmail account. It was working fine and just stopped the other day and I was hoping the new software would fix it).

It is not working properly so I uninstalled it thinking it would remove any mail boxes created from it. It didn't. And it left a blank space in the messaging menu. Any ideas?

John said...

I'm having the same problem as Rich D. It appears that Nokia has tried to integrate its email into the messaging folder on the E71x instead of letting me use it's own interface like in the old version (which I would prefer). There are 2 additional problems (1) It is not syncing with gmail (it is downloading random e-mails from the past year), and (2) It's creating a bunch of weird boxes in the messaging folder that won't go away.

Finally, the e-mail setting (mainly the question of how often I would like it to retrieve e-mail) lead me to believe that this is a pull and not a push system as the old version was.

Pali Madra said...

Rich and John I have requested Nokia support to help us on this.

However, for Gmail I came across the face that if you are using "Google for domains" you need to authenticate the account first and it can be done by going to If any one of you is using "google for domains" please authenticate and then see if it works or not.

Another thing John is that Nokia states on its website clearly that the application is push mail though I agree with your observation as well about the time duration between downloading of emails.

I will let you know of any updates that Nokia comes forth with.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pali,

I just activated Nokia Messaging, and i received an email from Nokia which says:

"Costs of the service

During the trial, there is no cost for the Nokia Messaging service itself. However, data traffic will be charged according to your current operator service plan and may not be included in your flat data rate plan. Please contact your operator to know how much you will be charged."

My questions are:
1. If I follow your tutorial, will there be any cost charged (either from the application or the provider - i use TMobile)?

2. What are the things included in 'data traffic'?

I look forward to your answer. Thanks ;)

Pali Madra said...


What the message means is that since the Nokia Messaging Application is trial application you are not required to pay any charges to Nokia.

However, since the application uses GPRS services provided by your operator(in your case T-Mobile) any extra charges for that (GPRS) would apply which you need to pay to your operator.

Some operators charge you by the amount of data you use and others charge a fixed monthly charge with unlimited data.

I hope this answers your question. If not please send me an email at pali dot madra at gmail dot com and I will be glad to help.

Yogesh said...

Recently bought Nokia e71

tried messaging service.

I got an e-mail from Nokia, that after the trial period gets over, that will be de-activated.
I want to know what is the cost of Nokia messaging service?
Do we need to renew the license every year?

Would appreciate if you can send the response over e-mail to

Phala said...


I get a Nokia e71 abd I have a data plan.

I used to receive and send email via an application other than Nokia Messaging for FREE
Then since I used Nokia Messaging my operator charged for both received and sent emails...

Do you know how can I handle it or do I have to change the settings?


MladjaSrb said...

I have a problem with Nokia messaging for E71 because it doesn't opens like on up picture. It puts mailbox in my messages and I can't have a push-mail. Please help somebody???

Emad Ebeid said...

I have 2 problems with nokia messaging and E71
1- I can't add yahoo accooung the program always answer wrong address or password
2- in my working email accout, mokia messaging receives most of my email without subject and having 01/01/0000 in the date column

Can anybody help

Pali Madra said...

@Emad Ebeid sorry for the late reply. Are you still having issues with the Nokia E71 if so please pm me at pali dot madra at gmail dot com.


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