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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ovi Suite 2.0 in beta with E71 and E71x – A peek into the future

Ovi Suite 2.0 beta was released in the end of June 2009 from theNokia Ovi Logo famous Nokia Beta Labs. Since the version is beta it is not stable, however, it is fun to use as the PC Suite interface is old and not refreshing. However, syncing is very important for smart phones like E71 and E71x and those are available on Ovi Suite 2.0.

Ovi Suite 2.0 is the future PC Suite as it is supposed to replace PC Suite sometime in the future. Some of the main features of Ovi Suite 2.0 are  
Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 beta screenshot

  • Easy to install specially for newbie's
  • New fresh interface
  • All functions rolled into one. All applications like Nokia Map Loader, Nokia Software Updater, Nokia Photos and Nokia Music are available through one interface with the  standard PC Suite tasks such as PIM sync and connectivity.
  • Functionality of music and photos portion of the software is significantly reduced because they do not have all the options that are there in PC Suite. In days to come this might change.
  • Connects to your online Ovi account to upload the pictures so that you can share them.
  • Contacts and messaging section is more intuitive.
  • The music application focuses on transfer ability and some of the features of the stand alone applications are not available.
    Nokia Ovi Suite screenshot


Before you start playing around with the Beta version of Ovi Suite 2.0 make sure you backup all your information as users have complained about faults in version 2.0. Some of them are

  • Uses a lot of resource (meaning memory and Ram on the PC)
  • Some issues with syncing contacts
  • Failed backups

If you are one of those geeky users who like to go where no one has gone before (respect to you bro) then go ahead and please share feedback on this blog or give feedback to Nokia directly here. I have given it a try on my desktop (the laptop still has PC Suite) and have not had any issues except that it does use a lot of resources and the syncing and backup is very slow when compared to PC Suite.

Since it is Ovi Suite 2.0 is beta I’m sure the full version when it is released will not have most of the problems.

Source -  All About Symbian

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1 comment:

Pauloluso said...

Very slow in my PC. Help. I want PCsuite again. Think bedore isntalling because it's very difficult tu uninstall and install Nokya Suite again. After a long time, I find a software in Brasil Nokia Site to remove software and reinstall again Nokia PC Suite.

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