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Monday, July 27, 2009

Tweeter Mobile | Download Free Twitter Mobile Phone App

Tweeter Mobile is free a mobile application that you can use Twitter mobile logo - Makers of Twitter mobile for E71 and S60 phones Twitter application with. The freeware has ads built into it which can be done away with by buying the pro version. With the free version you do not get features like Direct Messages and @Replies. The paid version is for 2 pounds (UK).
The main features of Tweeter mobile are
  • View public and private timelines
  • Track your friends on Twitter using the Map View.
  • Send direct messages (not in the free version)
  • Receive and send direct replies (not in the free version)
  • Available on nearly all phones
  • Beautiful User Interface
Twitter Mobile application screenshot I have requested for the download for Tweeter Mobile (free version) and I have got the email notification which I clicked on and I’m waiting for the SMS with the link (it has been 30 minutes).
Please post your thoughts on the application if you use it. I will post an update on my thoughts as soon as I get to test the application.
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lewis mcmillan said...

Hi did you manage to download this client? Very interested to hearing your thoughts...

TweetyLove said...

Have you contacted their support team. I remember when i downloaded this app, Apart from SMS they also provide a download URL in the confirmation email. Try that and update how it goes.

Anonymous said...

yes i tried twittermobile on my E71, UI is really cool and map view really helps in pin pointing location of tweets...Much better than other apps i tried.

Ranganath said...

Hi, Some one from facebook refereed your link i have book marked it nice blogs you write see Free  how to grow twitter followers here

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