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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Options for Facebook on E71 or E71x

e71 is a great phone as it allows a lot of applications to be added to the phone to enhance the user experience and get more out of your E71.

Facebook is one of the popular destinations for Internet users and this is confirmed by the fact that Facebook received 87.7 million unique visits last month (July 2009) and the visitors from US grew by 14% in the same month!


So what are the options available for accessing Facebook via E71? There are a few.

Facebook App for E71

Since the latest firmware update the Facebook application is available as a default application onscreenshot of facebook application on E71 E71. As soon as you update your firmware Facebook would be available under installations folder (My Space is the other application that is added in the latest firmware). Some of the users argue that this application is nothing but a link which opens the Facebook website in your browser. That is true and if you like doing that (going to the browser and going to m.facebook.com) you are more than welcome to do that.

With the Facebook application or mobile interface you can

  • Post status updatesscreenshot of facebook application on E71
  • Review notifications
  • View newsfeeds
  • Comment on friend's status
  • Search for Friends
  • View and write walls
  • View photos
  • Poke friends
  • See events and Groups

If you are having trouble updating the firmware of the phone you can download the application here.

Download Icon Download Facebook app for E71
This is an old version of the app. I will be uploading a new version this week (June 13, 2010). Sorry for the inconvenience.

THIRD PARTY apps for accessing Facebook on E71

Though there are lots of third party apps that allow you to access Facebook I would like to mention my top 3 here. They are


Fring is a mobile internet community and communication service that allows friends to connect, share experiences and enhance their online communities together. They have lots of addons and one of the addon is Facebook.

The Facebook addon allows you to Fring Logo

  • See your friends,
  • See your groups,
  • Get and send requests,
  • Get and send notifications
  • Get and send messages
  • View photos and albums of friends (sorry no uploading allowed)
  • Fring is free
Download IconDownload Fring

The latest version Gravity (Version 1.20) – which is one of the most popular and best paid application for Twitter – supports Facebook functionality as well.

Gravity allows you to Gravity icon

  • view your friends feeds
  • post your own status updates
  • comment on your friends updates
  • view photos and albums your friends have posted (sorry no support to upload photos to Facebook as of now)
  • Gravity is a paid application and not free.
download_icon_small Download Gravity


Snaptu is a free mobile service that offers you a selection of fun and useful applications.

Amongst the applications or services that it supports is Facebook. With Snaptu you can

  • Update your statusSnaptu logo
  • View newsfeeds
  • Search friends
  • See partial friend information and network information
  • View photos and albums
  • Send messages to friends and
  • View your inbox
  • Snapto is free
Download Icon Download Snaptu

Do share your experiences of Facebook usage on your E71 phone.

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Jessada Sookdhis said...

Thanks so much for update. Will try it now.

MaMaT CyBER said...

How can i get Facebook work in Gravity? i'm using Nokia e71 with Gravity version 1.20.6002 but failed to show facebook account. any ideas?

Choyness said...

Thanks for this(my wife has an e71). Though it is still really sad that in 2009 there still isn't a decent facebook app for symbian. They've even got one for Android now. What is wrong with symbian? the Iphone facebook app (now version 3.0) leaves the web version for e71 in the dust. If this keeps on going, phones like the e71, despite how good they are, are in trouble in the long term.

Jessada Sookdhis said...


The FB for gravity still a beta version, you need to email to info@mobileways.de,
and ask him to enable the FB feature (also send him your phone IMEI no.)

another way to contact him is twitter @janole

Hope this could be help

asabee said...

I want to update my firmware directly from my phone. Can you help. my phone was bought in the UK. any help

asabee said...

I would like to know how to update my phone's firmware directly from the phone using wifi. Can you help me with the procedure.

Anonymous said...

you cant update the firmware over the air on the E71, you need to use the nokia updater.

buy r4i칩 said...

Neat looking application, no updates, cannot see old posts, too long winded to move around the application, slow to load. Let's hope the next update to it is better, good start though.

buy r4 said...

Thanks anon. I will try this.

buy dsi r4 said...

It says on my e71 that the cretificate for the application doesnt work… what do i do?

acecard said...

E71 is great mobile but not continue with the new features what I need now!I need to expand more memory and 3G and GSM but now I have to buy other iphone!here I like some information for update and upgrade.Thanks for this information.

Anonymous said...

Fring have no more support for facebook :@

Anonymous said...

The opera mobile browser works very well on the E71, and Facebook is excellent in this browser, so that's another option worth considering.

Anonymous said...

snaptu es muy bueno , facebook , twitter, noticias del futbol local e internacional , estado del clima...... muy buena aplicacion .
Gracias, furtiv ya dejo de ser gratis, y solamente lo usaba para subir fotos a face, en cambio snaptu, es para otras muchas cosas mas....


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