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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Twibble mobile – Free Client for Twitter for E71 and S60 updated

Twibble mobile is a free Twitter client for E71, S60, Java enabled Nokia, Sony Ericsson Twibble logo and Blackberry phones. Twibble has been around for some time and it has grown in stature. I would recommend this client to anyone looking for a free Twitter application.

Some of the features of the Twibble are

  • low resource usage
  • tweets, replies and direct messages are displayed in separate views (flip with right/left keys or 'space')
  • full integration (including automatic refresh)Twibble mobile client screenshot
  • Share pictures on MobyPicture and Twitpic (with Mobipicture you can geo code your picture as well – however, this is a little tricky. I was not able to send a picture with the GPS information as the app was not able to find my location and finding the image was a bit of a trouble. I like the way gravity allows you to send pictures). This comes with the integration of image browser to select and upload images.
  • search Twitter for users and hashtags
  • retweets and quick @ replies
  • follow unfollow users directly from Twitter
  • full screen mode with resizing of images and avatars if required depending upon the phone screen size
  • run twibble in the backgroundTwibble mobile - Twitter mobile client
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • use themes to customize the look and feel of twibble


If you have never used twibble before give it a shot and if you used it a long time back (more than 6 months) give it a try – twibble mobile has changed  a lot.

There is a desktop version also available for Twibble if you want a desktop client for Twitter.

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Socially said...

You may also want to try the free @SociallyApp ( on Nokia phones. It supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and integrates with the phone book by showing the profile photos and latest status of the callers during incoming calls. Here’s a review –

linuxbastard said...

I was looking for exactly this kind of app, so I gave this a go.

I'm on an e71x though. I couldn't find a phone compatibility page. I followed the download instructions but the app is constantly giving me "Compulsory attributes missing" errors. So that's that.

Would be interested in anything with the same capabilities as twibble.

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