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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to replace the faceplate and disassemble your E71 or E71x

 The Nokia Blog has a nice post on how to disassemble a E71 or E71x if you want to change the casing or the faceplate of the phone.

Removing the cover of E71 phone

The tutorial is pretty easy to follow as the steps are presented in photos therefore there are very few chances that you would falter.

Let me know if anyone of you face a problem while disassembling the phone.

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Anonymous said...

i am looking to replace faceplate.where can i buy new?

Pali Madra said...

@annonymous did you manage to get the faceplate. If someone is looking to replace a part of their Nokia E71 and cannot find a vendor give me a shout by leaving comment or dm me on Twitter @e71bynokia and I would try to help. Please do mention which part of the world you live in as that would help me answering in the first go.

sundsouza said...
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Pali Madra said...

@sundsouza I had dropped my E71 too often and had replaced the body of the phone.

I live in India and I shopped around for the new casing. The case provided by Nokia care was very good but very 'pricey'. However, the other body housings were very crude and one could easily make out that the phone housing was not the original one. Therefore in the end I settled for the Nokia's original housing from Nokia Care.

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