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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tweet pictures, video and voice files from your Nokia E71 using Tvider

If you are looking to share multimedia via Twitter using your Nokia E71 or E71x then Tvider is for you. Tvider is a free service that is built around a popular social service called Twitter. The bigTvider running on Nokia E71 screenshot difference is that you unlike normal tweets of 140 characters Tvider allows you to post pictures, video and sound files as well making the experience of sharing more delightful.

The software has been developed by Umundo which is Freemont based company in USA. Tvider can be used on different devices. You can use it on your Desktop, Java enabled phones, Blackberry, Andriod based phones and I-Phone.

Versions of Tvider

Tvider running on Nokia E71 and showing the timelineThere are two versions of the application. The premium version is available through the app stores of respective ISP and the Tvider lite version can be downloaded for free. The app is pretty easy to use and can be downloaded by visiting on your mobile phone. You can also download the Symbian version of Tvider here as well. There is an option to buy the app from your ISP or download the Tvider lite app. I would recommend trying out the free app. before buying it.

Features of the Tvider LiteCreating a post on Tvider which is running on Nokia E71

  • Text & Multimedia Tweeting
  • View/Play multimedia tweets.
  • Tools to instantly generate media using mobile camera
  • Option to publish a pre-recorded media from your phone memory or SD card memory
  • Reply and Re-Tweet the media Tweets in your timeline
  • Ability to add status messages to the multimedia uploaded


On the whole using Tvider was a new and nice experience. I have found one more thing that my Nokia E71 can do. There is a desktop application of Tvider available as well which has the same functionality as that of the mobile application. If you like try out new things on your Nokia E71 then I would recommend installing Tvider on your Nokia E71. If you do install it please share your thoughts on the application.

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