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Friday, June 11, 2010

Sync your Google Contacts with your phone

Till sometime back one could sync the Nokia E71 contacts with Google using mail for exchange. This was a cumbersome process and to be honest I never got around doing it. The mail for exchange app was too intimidating for me.

However, now you can sync your phone contacts with that of Google without using Mail for Exchange. I have done it and it is pretty easy to follow. Just follow the directions given here and you should be done.Screenshot of the sync screen on Nokia E71

However, if you come across any problems please let me know by leaving a comment and I would be glad to assist (please be patient as sometimes I do not check for the comments for a day or so but nothing beyond that).

This new method of syncing your phone contacts with the Google contacts is easy to use and user friendly. I hope a similar process is created for syncing Google Calendar as well in the future. If you know of some other method of syncing Google contacts with that of your phone please share it as that would be helpful to the readers and me.

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RSchmittendorf said...

Where are the instrucctions??

Anonymous said...

But where _are_ the instructions for this new sync method ? I can't see them or any link to them.

Pali Madra said...

Sorry mate.

I forgot to add the link. The link has been added to the post. The link is

Thank you for pointing out the error. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for reading the blog.

John Ha said...

On my e71 I use an app called googasync that will sync multiple calendars. expensive but worth a look and it is a one off fee instead of the likes of which is a subscription.

Eugene Bogorad said...

I think gmail/mfe method is so much better:

1. It's automatic
2. It also gives you true push email

I don't use calendar sync via mfe because of nokia's braid-damaged calendar processing (problems with all-day events especially when DST rules have changed since the beginning of the event)

Anonymous said...

I have done it with Google sync, but the phone does not recognize some of the changes that I do on the contacts on google contact, do you have an idea why? Some of them are fine, some just do not update.

Pali Madra said...

@annonymous I'm sorry I do not know why the sync is not being done properly.

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