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Monday, November 8, 2010

Browser shortcuts for your Nokia E71

Use these nifty shortcut keys when using the default browser for your Nokia E71. If you use your Nokia E71 a lot for browsing the Internet then these shortcuts are handy.

Use the number keys for the keyboard shortcuts which are
1 for bookmarks.
2 to find something on a page.
3 to return to the previous page.
5 to tab open windows.
* to zoom in.
# to zoom out.
8 for page overview.
9 to go to a different web page.
0 to got to the homepage.
Hit the Backspace key to close the current window.

If you happen to know any keyboard shortcuts please share them in comments and it would be greatly appreciated.

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mashhood said...

Thanks for sharing all information...its really cooll....

priya said...

Nice post on Nokia E71 latest mobile phones. I like e-series phones because these are the better alternate of notebooks as well.

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