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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Default apps for Nokia E71

I hope the need never arises to do a hard reset of your Nokia E71. In case you need to do a hardDownload the Nokia default apps and software reset you would realize that some of the applications or software is missing from the phone.

I have received a lot of queries about where one can get all the default software for download. The applications are available for download on the Nokia website.

Full package of default applications for Nokia E71

For the convenience of my blog readers I have created a package which contains all the default applications, software and drivers that you would need in case you do a hard reset. You can download the package here which is a zipped file.

The package contains the following

    • Advanced Call Manager
    • Global Race
    • Psiloc Wireless Presenter
    • Top Hits Solitaire
    • WorldMate
    • Modem driver for Microsoft Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth Modem driver for Windows XP and Vista Users
    • Infrared Modem driver for Windows XP and Vista Users

With all these apps and software you should be up and running pretty fast after you do a hard reset of the Nokia E71.

Please share any feedback you have which can help improve the package.

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Aidil said...

Where's the MSN Messenger for e71 install file? I had it on my e71 before doing a hard reset, and now it's gone. But for IM, I use Nokia Beta Labs' Chat app (

Aidil said...

My apologies, it's not called Nokia Beta Labs' Chat. It's called Nokia Messaging for IM (

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing. I have been looking for so long I gave up already. Two comments from me is that I remember having card scanner software as well as windows live, both disappeared after I swapped the micro SD to 8GB and Nokia wont let me download via ovi store the windows live as it is "not compatible" with e71. I have not tried downloading card scanner software as I dont recall the actual app name.

Best regards,
Pear from Bangkok

Pali Madra said...

I did not have the windows live messenger included because quite a few people had trouble using the messenger on the E71.

However, I dug around and I found some people have got it to work on the E71 but I do not know if it affects other apps like contacts. I will share that app as well but use it on your own risk.

The download would be up by tomorrow.

tim.eastwood said...

Hey there is also the Multi Scanner missing

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