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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Themes for Nokia E71

Changing the theme of your phone can make the phone look new to you. I was looking for some E71 themes but could not find any.

One resource that I found was useful was but the themes I downloaded from ownskin did not install giving an error of application expiry. I checked their forums and realized changing the date would allow me to do that but when I tried it did not work. :-(

I started looking at other places and was not disappointed. has some themes for E71 and they work!. There are three themes available there and they are

Black and Grey Stripes theme.

Black and Grey Stripes theme for E71

  Dowload the theme To download the theme click here

Mask theme for Nokia E71

blue-oil-themeDownload the theme To download the Mask theme for Nokia E71 click here.

If you know about other places on the Internet where themes for Nokia E71 are available please share them in the comments section.

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Mandeep Singh Sandhu said...

You can download 20+ fresh and new themes specially build for nokia e71,e63 from my e71 themes site
you will be happy after watching so many great themes for you nokia w71,e63.

Anonymous said...

how to install themes into phone?

Pali Madra said...


Download the themes and upload the files to your phone via PC Suite or blue tooth.

Navigate the the uploaded file and run it by clicking on it or opening it.

You are done.

If you still need help please let me know.

Hope you have fun with the new themes.

Berry Jr. said...

Has anyone tried using this phone in an EDGE data network area, if so, how was the speed of the browser on it, and if you also tried streaming video with, how was it with doing that? The reason I want to know is, I’m not in a AT&T 3g area, just EDGE. I’m trying to hold off to see if they will release a similar phone, but on Verizon’s CDMA network, since I believe Verizon has 3g in my area, but this phone just keeps tempting me with each positive review I read about it.

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