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Monday, July 6, 2009

E71 and E71x Firmware update – Full details of all the changes

Recently E71 and E71x’s firmware was updated. The latest version of the firmware is Vr 300.21.012 dated July 2, 2009. I could not get the full details of the changes made in the latest firmware.

E71 photo

Nokia states that Vr 300.21.012 update is a major feature release and also was intended to correct main complaints from Customers and Operators

I’m not going to list all the changes but those ones which I think are important. If you want details on all the changes you can go to the Nokia Addict website to see the whole change log and tweaker website. I have divided the changes into new functionalities (functionalities that were not there in the previous versions) and improvements


  • Myspace, Youtube and Facebook support (NA for HK andfacebook Taiwan variants)  youtube
  • Support for Rapido Yawe 1.15
  • Gimlet 5.2 (v – useful for developers as it allows a better environment.
  • Mail for Exchange 2.9 (new version) with improved stability and performance.


  • Increased robustness of the Home Key functionality. ThisHome key icon for E71 helps avoid the problem of Home key not opening the  menu. This was a problem many users complained about and therefore is a welcome update.
  • Support for receiving more SMSs. Allows more than 4000 messages in inbox.
  • Improved functionality and stability of Internet Radio
  • WLAN functionality improvement.
  • Improved Switch application functionality
  • Internet Radio 1.14 – Increased Functionality and Stability
  • VoIP upgrade – Improved functionality and stability. Now  better quality calls using VOIP on E71
  • Download Client 3.2 – Greater stability and improved functionality
  • Email Setup Wizard Update – Supports Gimlet 50408
  • Support for conference numbers longer than 24 digits
  • Improvements in Browser for seamless YouTube support
  • Bug fixes for the Nokia PC Internet Access Application
  • Improved BT headset connectivity. This was a major complaint of E71 users.
  • Increased robustness in handling SMS
  • Security Updates and vulnerability fixes
  • Phone not suspending packet data connection when receiving call – Fixed
  • Minor audio related bugs fixed. I’m a little confused about music icon for E71this as I did not notice any change. I had hoped that the hiss in the media player tracks would not be there but alas it is still there.
  • Fix to prevent Wifi Certification issues when Wifi alliance moves to Win 2008 as the test server
  • Minor improvements in the UI and search facility of contacts

One this that is queer is that though people have reported improvements in the quality of the photos taken with the E71 after the firmware update there is no mention of that in the changelog. So is it that people are seeing things.?

Let me know if you know of any other major change or update included in the firmware update.

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Anonymous said...

Assume this is a US only update? UK E71's are still on 200.21.118

Unknown said...

I had updated my software in June. This software download assures me that it is the same version I already have. mmmmmm any thoughts? BTW. My purple haze is BAD! I have an unrelated question for you wise folks. I've downloaded a bible application, and put the bible files on my memory card. Can't seem to locate them or get the two to talk regardless that the log says they are there. Anyone know what I am missing?

Anonymous said...

I have a Nokia e71 on the 3g network, when I use the Nokia PC Suite to update the firmware it says I have the latest version. How do I update my firmware?

Alan Henning said...


Has anyone successfully updated their E71x YET, I am trying but without success, the OTA doesn't work, about to try via Nokia Website, I'll let you know how I get on soon!


Unknown said...


where are you based? The update is not available to the customers based in USA.

You can find out the firmware installed on your phone by typing *#0000# on your phone. Please let me know the firmware that is currently on your phone and I will try and let you know if you have the latest firmware as per the region you are based in.


Pali Madra

Alan Henning said...

Hi Pali Madra,

My current software for my E71x is as follows:





TYPE: RM-462

Hope this helps,


Alan Henning said...


meant to say, I am based in the US, guess that'll be the reason huh!

Unknown said...

After I updated to 300.12.012, I am unable to connect to the Internet. All access points say "connection not available"!

Unknown said...


Sorry to hear that.

Any update or change in status. When you say you try and connect the phone to the Internet can you please elaborate how you are trying to connect through GPRS or Wi-Fi?

Jane said...

Hi there!

I've successfully updated my Nokia E71x from v. 3.27 to v.3.28 Here are the phone details:
Software version: 3.28
Software version date: 17-08-09
Custom version: PI01.01
Model: E71x
Type: RM-462

See more details on the update here updating E71x's firmware. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Dinakaran, did you ever sort out your problem. I just installed the V400 firmware, and I'm having exactly the same problem.

salma hayek said...

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